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Was part of the Development Programmers under Ahruman - and turned up to the launch party for Oolite v.1.76 in November 2010. He was gobbled up by Real Life back around 2013.

He was the last member of the Benulobiweed Inc. team - and managed to get Orb to sort-of work under v.1.70...


  • Comms Demo (2009) provides a way to communicate with NPC ships - forerunner of BroadcastComms MFD
  • Far Sun OXP (2010) places suns further away from the planet than standard Oolite
  • Tty (2009) replaces the standard Oolite font with a typewriter-like font

Also improved the following OXPs:

  • Debug OXP (ported the AppleMac Console which Ahruman had adapted for the AppleMac to Windows)


    "personalities-kaks" = {
     insurance = 250; 
     name = "'The Kaks'"; 
     "random_seed" = "112 17 2 239 0 187";