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Hailing originally from Soreisbe in Chart 2, DaddyHoggy reveals that you too would be described as fierce if you spent the first few minutes of any new meeting justifying why you are not in fact bug-eyed, despite what was written (in error and stands uncorrected despite many official and unofficial protests) in the "Guide" installed by default in every ship based navigation system.

DaddyHoggy strongly believes that the original author of the guide simply took umbrage with his Soreisbian hosts when he was cleaned out during a particularly high stake game of Teonanian Hold'em (hosted at Raseac's Palace). The Soreisbian's were accused of cheating, a claim which they strongly refute. "After all," notes DaddyHoggy, "the record clearly states that the human author of the Guide brought his own packs of playing cards with him, fancying himself as a bit of a card-shark."

However, when pressed, DaddyHoggy refuses to be drawn on claims that an improved spectral response of a Soreisbian eye renders the playing card material of choice for most (humanoid dominated) Hoopy Casinos completely transparent. Although this, he concedes, while unproven, may go some way to explain the rather unflattering "bug-eye" label.

Details of DaddyHoggy's early years are somewhat sketchy, although it is known that he lost both parents to a goat attack when he was barely a fledgling. He won't be drawn on precisely how he first made it into space, but does not deny the possibility that he won the ticket onto his first jump-capable passenger liner in a card game. [Note: it would appear that this liner was lost after a freak asteroid strike, but DaddyHoggy refuses to name either the ship or the company involved after agreeing to a non-disclosure out-of-court settlement from the ship's owners]

It would seem that even the name DaddyHoggy is somewhat of a nom de plume, derived, incorrectly, notes DaddyHoggy, from his rather exuberant native greeting of D-dd-aa-aa-dd-dd-ee-ee-hooooooooo-keeeeeeeeeeeee - which roughly translated simply means beautiful plumage (a highly regarded Soreisbian compliment).

It cannot be denied though, that in recent years, DaddyHoggy's love of gambling and eye for the more unusual (he prefers "striking") colour scheme has lead to several Ad-X commissions from many Big-name brands that adorn the highly popular (and aptly named) Constores where it is said DaddyHoggy prefers to "hang his hat" as the card playing (and money making opportunities) are more abundant.

His biggest Commissions to-date, however, are the extremely high profile, soon to be launched, racing teams of Magma Racing, Hatchling Racing and Ayr Thistle where his true exuberance for use-of-colour will not go unnoticed amongst the racing and gambling public.

DaddyHoggy is currently without a ship of his own having sold his 50% stake in a rather run-down (but perfectly serviceable) Cobra MkIII to the ship's pilot a large (ok, fat) avian from Inisza. He took the crushing of his co-pilots seat (and along with it his mealworm in jelly dessert, DaddyHoggy is quick to point out) from a split support beam as a "sign" that it was time to hang up, for the time being, his space-wings.

He says he misses the Lazari but not enough to want her back.