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Astrobe got involved in 2013. He likes Dr Who.

A bit tangential, but there's a streamer named "opensource_gaming" on Twitch ( ) who plays and shows, well, open   source games. He does not have a large number of viewers usually, but it is one way to promote Oolite.

But I think (didn't launch a vanilla Oolite recently) that bare-bones Oolite can be a bit disappointing (well, open source fans know that they can't expect AAA games, although a few FOSS games, including Oolite, went a long way), so if we wanted him to try Oolite, what would be the least effort and maximum effect minimal expansion packs set ? Let's say 5 max (cause 5 fingers..). From memory I would say:

- BGS (ambiance)
- Dangerous HUD (because this one has the best "wow" effect as far as I recall - and seeing some sort of cockpit in a ship is generally expected)
- Norby's engine sound (that the sound of your engine varies according to power is generally expected)
- Blackmonks (because of the nice looking extra station, ships, and general great humor)
- perhaps multiple lasers or some advantageous piece of equipment.

Of course, there are tons of other good ones (commies, YAH and constores, ...), but the idea is to give something to have fun with for a couple of hours,  and perhaps make things a bit easier (because the guy shares his attention between the game and the chat during streaming).

Best expansion packs - just my two cents January 2021