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yup thats me. Heretic at heart, I like to kick the shins of the pious.

In the Oolite-community I do some modelling, texturing and a bit of scripting. I have been quite re-active on the BBS and in OXP'ing for some time, however I only recently got Oolite to work correctly on my WinXp PC. Great thanks to Murgh, who helped when I had no working copy. Sorry, I broke him with bad code. :(

Amongst my contributions are:

custom paintjobs.oxp (adds several small pirateship skins. updated to hotrods.oxp),
cargo-wrex.oxp (adds several cargopods, debris, a fuelpod and some new pod behaviour),
constrictor_more_hints.oxp (guess)
racers (adders, kraits and mambas, also a modded Krait_XR1)
tiger pirates (...not sure, could be inside racers) Editor: inside Hotrods
ATT1.oxp (Proof of concept on armed frangible SU's, turrets and preferred cargo. Armoured Transport MkI and escort ArmouredViper, gaundlet corp provides new targets for pirates.)
Excessive suggestions and discussion, grand plans and projects and failures to deliver.
Contributed to randomhits (ideas mainly), tionisla graveyard (some models), and failed to deliver an exploding death star.

My overall style is understated and tries to follow Giles's clean aesthetics as much as possible, logical as mostly it is adding variety. Many thanks to the good people who have been updating and fixing my stuff, keeping it viable.

--- So. 2010. Have been inactive for quite a while due to other interests, personal issues and demands on my time. Also HDD crashed several times, destroying most of my reference material and WIPs. future: I'll try to give my current oxps shadered textures in time to come.

Oxp List

On Expansions Manager (.oxz's)

and A_H also contributed to


Other Links

A_H_ joined our community in 2005. A number of his early posts/threads will have been lost in the Great Deletion.