Updating TSC

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Updating TSC

This oxp enhances Talkative Space Compass by adding distance and time to target estimate information to it.

By default this oxp

  • constantly shows compass information when on state green
  • shows current compass targets information when switching to front view
  • measures distance as Ostronomical Units (OU). One OU is the distance of the mainplanet and sun. After OU is defined for a Jameson, it stays constant over saves.

By editing variables from script.js file, user can

  • change the frequency of constant update
  • change distance unit shown
  • choose different unit basis
  • toggle "distance unit permanency" on or off
  • toggle "constant update on green" on or off
  • toggle "show target when switching to front view" on or off
  • toggle "updating TSC can Be Toggled On/Off via priming" on or off

When toggling functionality is on (off by default), updating functionality can be toggled as follows:

ship-status: status green:

  • E.T.A. is activated: Updating TSC works exactly like the old, non-toggleable version, which means: When you are on green and come to yellow or red, the update will stop. It will resume when you are on green again.
  • E.T.A. is deactivated: You won't get further updates until you reactivate it.

ship-status: status red or status yellow:

  • E.T.A. is activated: You get updates, even if you are on red or yellow. If you come to condition green, the updates continue, but from that moment on it will work just like the old, non-toggleable version. Which means, if you come to red or yellow again, updates will be temporarily stopped, until condition is green again.
  • E.T.A. is deactivated: You won't get further updates until you reactivate it.


  • Don't install Talkative Space Compass


  • Download version 1.6 (for Oolite 1.77) from the box.
  • Download version 1.3 (for Oolite 1.76.1) from the box.


  • Talkative Space Compass by cim

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.6 2013-01-31 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Hud HUDs OXPs Spara, GGShinobi Oolite BB