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When docked with a space station, the two key tabs under "Market" are "Equipment" and "Ships".


There are various types of equipment that may be purchased for your existing ship. This is a way of increasing performance at the expense of cargo space. The possible properties of equipment items are many and varied. Read the description of the item for full details of the benefits. Here are a few unofficial categories of equipment that you may encounter:

  • Guns
  • Engines
  • Scanner
  • Power*
  • Shield*
  • Armour*
  • Missile*
  • Offensive Bonuses*
  • Defensive Bonuses*
  • Manoeuvre Bonuses*

* Much of this stuff is only available later on in the game.


Here you can browse a list of ships for sale in the current station. Get the biggest ship you can afford, always ensuring you have enough cash left over to upgrade the engines and fill the cargo bay. Browse the Ulite:_The_Ships page to see what's available.


After a buffer period when it's impossible to die, you'll require better equipment to survive. Most important thing you have to have onboard is an escape capsule. It brings you to the next public station if your ship is shot down. Otherwise you will be killed. That doesn't mean the game is over, but you have to restart again. All the experience you earned so far will be lost.

More valuable missions come with greater risk. To reduce the risk, alliances have access to weapons, shields, armour and other items that you do not (these take quite some time research and develop). If you have not yet joined an alliance, one option to obtain advanced equipment is to head to the outskirts of the core and dock with alliance stations to see if they have left any surplus equipment for you to buy from them. You can enter any sectors that are not solid in colour on the Universe map without risk of being attacked.


There are two types of guns, laser and plasma accelerators. As soon as possible you should change to plasma accelerators - these start out at the diminutive but highly effective nano plasma accelerator weighing in at only 6 tonnes. They do more damage and consume less space than the equivalent laser. Connect it with a laser cooling booster, so you can fire much longer with full power. The laser cooling booster works with any kind of weapon.

Your ship should have at least one scanner. It is recommended to have up to three of them onboard. They will help you to pinpoint the enemy. Your shots will be more precise.

Then there should be shields on your ship. The more the better. Shields prevent your hull of being damaged by the enemy. How much shield you can use depends on the defensive skill of you and your crew. It is recommended that you connect the shield with one or more energy booster units. They will recharge the shields, so they can protect you better.

Atmospheric shielding is one of the default equipment of any ship. It is a vital piece of equipment, because you must have it to dock at stations on planets.

On larger ships it is a good idea to install one or more hull repair systems. They fix any damage. They work slow even if you have some of them, but it is cheaper than repairing your ship only at stations. There is the feature of repairing damage 'manually' (self-repair), but this is a very dangerous feature. Hull repair systems are more recommendable.


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