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Players must first register in order to play. This is done by following the "Registration" link on the home page. There you must enter some details and click the "Register" button. The player then receives an email shortly after with the initial password for the account. The player is then able to log in and start the game.

After registration, the user gets a standard ship with basic equipment, some money, and it is docked at a station randomly selected in the neutral zone at the midpoint of the universe.

During the registration process, the player selects a profession. This can not be changed at a later stage. The profession has an influence on the players initial skills. Refer to "The professions" section at the bottom of the Overview page for full details.

Log in

In order to be able to really play, the user has to log in: the download link to "Login" button and enter (only) player name and password, click "Login". So you just get to be the main menu, a submenu (2nd line) and to see the default page. The menu is divided into 2 levels since the V3. 5, the buttons in the first row, the "Main Menu", which are below the "submenu". Depending on the main menu and the submenu changes. The 5 buttons that belong to the main menu are: "ship", "market", "player", "news", "Logout". The following is always referred to the "Main Menu submenu", eg market-goods, or ship systems. All buttons are accurately explained in the documentation, there are also others who are interesting in part until later in the game. The next steps are for players who are first confronted with this game. The most important thing at the beginning is not to be broke, because that would lead to a very short game. Therefore, the following steps on's making money with trading are designed. With these steps, you can relatively quickly get money. We choose formulated in the abstract strategy. Brief summary of the following: You buy cheap goods, flies to another system in which these goods are more expensive, and sells them there.


Step 1: What is cheap here?

Basic Law of the trade: Buy cheap (cheap) and sell dear. Therefore, the first step is to look for, which is favorable in this system. To do this, click the main menu (top) market. It will appear here automatically submenu goods (ie goods market). Here you get a list of all goods. The cheap products here can be found in the rows where "(-)" is selected. Among them are the cheap (not cheap) listed goods of this system. Note: cheap is not cheap. We will see later that various goods are not buying with the registered capital, so here's a tip: cheap are water, liquid oxygen, grain, synthetic meat, fertilizer, heavy plastics, metal alloys and minerals. Summary : Menu item market, lines with "( - "search).

Step 2: Buy this cheap goods

From this point Market Goods can also be seen how expensive the goods (a ton) is (under "Price"). Warning: For flight in another system you also need fuel. With the standard ship, which is equipped with a Hyperdrive Class 1, one needs t water fuel for a jump into another system 1. Only in the event that you have just logged in, you already have a ton of water, fuel, otherwise this is after each jump to buy (another system). How much and what goods you have loaded on the ship, is under to identify market goods at the top (under "boatload"). To purchase now certain goods, one wears in the corresponding row in the field behind the number and clicks "Buy". Summary : look menu item market, whether one 1 t water-fuel has (or buy), and buy the merchandise.

Step 3: Search system in which these products are expensive

This is done as on ship systems menu. What you see there in a (more or less) long list, all the systems that are on the instantaneous position within a certain radius are. This radius is determined by the current range of the ship, and the distances are given in light years (ly). In the list below you can now see all the systems that exist in a radius of -. During standard ship - are 8 light years Important for now is: the name of the system ("Name"). The first system in the list (with distance 0) is the system in which it is currently located. The task is now to find a system in which to sell the goods previously purchased expensive. The steps are, every system (under "population" is a class), then click directly on the name (= system information), and you get a list of information of the system and also the main import and export goods . Now you have to look, of course, whether these goods that you just bought, are under "main import". If this is the case, then you can expect to make a big profit if you sell the goods in this system. If these goods are not to be found under "main import", one should first examine other systems that also in reach. This requires only the current page, scroll down, and the list of systems is among the information about a system also available. Then you have to look for another system. Summary : Menu ship systems, look under system name, if the purchased goods is, under "main import" otherwise seek another system.

Step 4: flight to the selected system

For this you have only menu item ship systems with the corresponding system (corresponding row) the button "flight to the system!" (Green) button. Warning: This action can not be undone. Summary : click to the corresponding system "flight to the system!" (green).

Step 5: flight to the station

If you jump into a system, you end up initially somewhere in the room. To then act, you have to fly to a station and dock. Is it just on the flight to the destination system, click the menu item ship stations. If you have clicked just "flight to the system," you end up automatically in the menu item. Here you get a list - similar to the under-ship systems - planets that exist in the target system. The interesting planets which have their own names, and at least one station on the surface of the planet. Depends on the population of the system (it can be seen among the system information), there are more or fewer stations circulate in the orbit of a planet. One looks here so any station, and click on the appropriate line "flight to the station!" (Orange). Then you will automatically get the aisle flight, when are the target data, and the arrival times. Summary "flight to the station!" (orange) Click Menu ship stations, pick any station and. Wait :)

Step 6: Sale of goods

If one has now docked, is the final step in the trade, the corresponding goods again (expensive) for sale. Do this, select the menu item market goods and, this number enter the list of goods that have been in possession of the field and "Sell" button. Usually it goes faster if you ticking the relevant goods in the ship's list and "Checked sell" clicked. After that you should have more money than you had started earlier. To further action starts all again at step 1, but not forgotten: 1 buy again t water-fuel! Summary : Menu Market Goods sell goods.


Between the steps described it is always possible to logout. Especially during a long flight, this should be done (if you intend not know what else). For this purpose only "Logout" (main menu) click. automatically Man comes back to the login page, where you can then log in again.

End of the tutorial

This is the end of the tutorial. It should outline the main steps and you should just keep it at the beginning to understand the procedure of flight planning and the actual flight. For more games is to advise the following steps:

Military missions from the bar take (market-bar). This is also quite fast to make money. Longer time in Eagle MK I remain. Larger ships with the same drive have a smaller range, which is not favorable for missions. Later also make heavier missions, and also to new missions, bring this fact more points.

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