Ulite: Establishing a station

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This is a brief overview of the process. See Substations for more details.


Currently, the cheapest ship that will allow you to carry the required 250t Colony Device plus Atmospheric Shielding and an engine, is the Tiereel Freighter.

To get to this point you will need to train a crew. Select ships with as many crew as you can manage and train everyone up in Leadership, including your crew members. Skills can be developed through combat after accepting missions in the Bar. The first couple of levels are very easy to obtain, so training crew up to level 3 at least wont take long at all and will allow you to employ more crew and get larger ships quite rapidly (assuming you have enough credits to pay for them).

Pick a system which is close enough to another station to allow you to:

  • Travel there on a small enough drive to fit in the ship (e.g. range is just 5.14 Lj in the Tiereel Freighter with a Military Drive Class III)
  • Store enough fuel for a return journey; or
  • If you opted to use a non-military hyperdrive, system contains a gas giant (in which case you'll just need enough room for a Fuel Scoop to gather fuel from the gas giant for the return journey)

The target must be:

  • A sector outside the core (core sectors are all those between [-10,-10] and [10,10])
  • Sector must not be controlled by another alliance
  • Planet description is "world..." or "rocky planet with dense corroding atmosphere"

Ideal first stations should be placed on a planet which is:

  • Mass close to 1.0 EM (size impacts both max population and construction costs)
  • Surface temperature close to 15°C (unverified - 15°C is simply Earth's average surface temperature as determined by NASA)

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