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To start out with, you have little money and only a small ship - an Eagle Mk.3 to be precise. It can't carry much in the way of cargo. You don't have much of a reputation, either - so civilians in the bar won't give you a job.

There are ways to make money though. It's a basic resource you're going to need if you're ever going to make a showing in the game. It's not the be-all and end-all though: if someone gifts you a large amount of money, you need to spend it wisely, and not on things you don't have the skills to use!

Starting out: A career in the military

The military is a good place to get going. They will give you missions right from the get-go which will make a little money, and improve your standing with the military (and as your standing increases, you get more lucrative jobs). Stick to the higher populated systems if you can - and there will more likely be more missions going to the same destination - increasing the amount you can make in a trip.

Military missions can be found in the Market menu - go to the Bar, then visit the guest in the uniform.

Add cargo

Whenever you do a military mission, be sure to add some cargo to maximise the value of the trip. Take a visit to the goods page. Look for cargo with (--) by the price - this indicates that the price of the good is well below average. As you visit other systems on military missions, look for that good having either (+) or better still, (++) beside it. The most profitable goods to move when you have a small ship are generally the ones with the highest price to start with - the difference between (--) and (++) on a good that has an average price of Cr.1500/tonne is orders of magnitude higher than ones with an average price of Cr.5.

If you're exclusively trading and have no other missions, then look for systems that have your selected good as a listed import when you take a look at the system's details.

Illegal Trading

If you have some illegal goods in your hold, perhaps from having bought them from a planet where they aren't illegal, you can either dump them whilst in flight, or take a chance with a shady character in the Bar. Be aware that the Police sometimes sets up traps for the unwary here!


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