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Opinions differ whether Trumbles are pleasant and affectionate pets whose presence can be soothing to their owner's psyche, or rather the most annoying and disadvantagous vermin to see one's spaceship be cursed with. It's not, however, unlikely that the former opinion has been planted by the the PR department of the alleged creators and current Trumble genetic copyright holders GenFun, and to most shipowners, the only good Trumble is a sun-scorched Trumble.



Due to a recent enterprising marketing campaign by GenFun, Trumbles can be found for sale at a galactic scale. It would seem improbable that the Trumble's incredible rate of reproduction was intentionally designed, but, weary losing profit due to this trait, GenFun's aggressive strategy has shown current sales to be as efficient as Trumble procreation.


As a consequence of this hypermarketing, abandoned Trumble shipments can occasionally be found drifting in space. It is unknown if this frequent occurrence is simply due to pirates who destroy the freighters and upon looting, selectively ignore these cargopods, or if it is, somehow, another devious facet of GenFun's marketing ploy.


Although GenFun insists to have, single-handedly, sculpted this creature around an amoebic basis, some reknowned scientists claim this to be fraudulent, believing Trumbles to be natural children of cosmos. As neither contention has the support of clear evidence (the explosion of their Enzoreus labratories being GenFun's convenient alibi), the truth of the Trumble origin continues to be inconclusive.