Traffic Lights OXP

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This OXP helps to override the annoying problem of the frozen docking queue for the main orbital station in the solar system. An emergency docking timer will be started immediately after your request for docking clearance (when you select the station as a target and then press Shift-L): after 15 minutes of waiting you will now receive docking priority.

You will also receive emergency docking priority in the case of an aft shield with below 0.1 maximum level (a test for fuel depletion if Hard Way OXP is installed).

Note: Emergency docking clearance is performed for the main station only - and only if you have not been condemned as a Fugitive!

  • In addition to the text info this OXP also provides visual helpers - a string of coloured flashers on the approach lane between the main station docking port and its beacon.

BLUE flashers - player is not in docking queue.

RED flashers - docking is prohibited.

YELLOW flashers - docking is allowed, but there are ships in approach lane OR you have less then 30 seconds to dock.

GREEN flashers - docking is allowed and approach is clear.


This OXP is incompatible with Neo-Dock Lights OXP by Thargoid.

It is strongly recommended to avoid using other visual docking helper OXPs to prevent graphic clutter.


.OXZ: Download this OXZ through the Expansions Manager (which places the Traffic Lights.oxz in the Managed AddOns directory of your Oolite installation).

.OXP: Unzip the file, and then move the folder "Traffic Lights.oxp" to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Then start the game up whilst holding down the shift key.


This oxp was crafted by Stranger. Modified code from Neo-Dock Lights OXP by Thargoid was used for visualisation of docking status.

Commander Vasig was invaluable in helping test this OXP in during development.

Commander Cyxoway also helped with his multiple timer issue report in the emergency_docking.js and with the improved method of timer management in traffic_lights.js.

Version history

29.01.2019 - Version 1.1.1   	Converted to OZX.
15.04.2018 - Version 1.1	Refining code issues. manifest.plist added.
08.09.2017 - Version 1.0	Blue flashers added to indicate player not in docking queue. Improved method of timer management in traffic_lights.js.
23.08.2017 - Version 0.9	Fixed multiple timer issue. Aft shield level to permit emergency docking clearance lowered to 0.1 of max level.
01.07.2017 - Version 0.8	Fixed situation with docking clearance timing out: flashers switches to yellow, not red.
15.06.2017 - Version 0.7.	String of coloured flashers is added as visual helpers to indicate docking status. Changing name of OXP.
11.06.2017 - Version 0.6.	Emergency docking clearance before timer goes zero is permitted if aft shield dropped below 0.25 of max level, not in Red condition.
08.06.2017 - Version 0.5.	Emergency docking timer frozen if main station in battle regime (condition Red). Kills emergency docking timer if player receives docking permission.
08.06.2017 - Version 0.4.	Emergency docking clearance is unavailable on Fugitive legal status. Emergency docking clearance before timer goes zero is permitted only in Red condition.
07.06.2017 - Version 0.3.	Fixed error causing running emergency timer on docking request other than main station.
07.06.2017 - Version 0.2.	Fixed error causing penalty in case of emergency docking.
06.06.2017 - Version 0.1.	Initial release.