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From v0.104 on, Towbar supports "pluggable" policies to calculate how much to pay for each equipment, weapons included, in a salvaged ship, to be packaged as Expansion Packs (OXPs).

The reason for that can be seen in this discussion.

In v0.104, those policies overwrite the standard policy - to change policies the player has to uninstall one policy OXP and install the other policy OXP, which requires exiting the game session. Payout OXPs compatible with the v0.104 version must have a single policy packaged inside.

After v0.105, Towbar supports in-game selection of the payout policy through the Station Interfaces (F4) Config for AddOns screen. Payout OXPs compatible with v0.105 could package more than one payout policy for the player to choose, but if an OXP packages more than one policy it is not compatible with Towbar v0.104.

This page lists the OXPs packaging Payout Policies for Towbar.

Towbar Payout - Medium

The Towbar Payout - Medium OXP reduces the standard Towbar salvaged equipment policy so a fully equipped ship (aft and forward Shield Capacitors, Shield Equalizer, Shield Booster and Military Shield Enhancement, Naval Energy Unit, Military Laser aft and forward, Q-Charger, etc.) would get from 3000₢ to 6000₢, depending on how damaged the "dice rolling" says each item is - that's for the equipment and weapons, how much will be paid for the whole ship will vary with the ship's mass and cargo, and how much are due in tax and commission.

Salvage-Cobra-Mark-III 2020-08-18 22-38-44.png

This OXP is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 4.0 .

Download Towbar Payout - Medium v1.1.