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This OXP brings you the Thargoid Ray Laser, the Thargoid Cannon and the Thargoid Plasma Accelerator:

  • Thargoid Ray Laser: A captured Thargoid Weapon, Slightly modified by GalCop. More damage but no self-aiming anymore.
  • Thargoid Cannon: An energy cannon based on a Thargoid Ray Laser.
  • Thargoid Plasma Accelerator: As seen in the Mutabilis and Incursio novels. It can be fired once every 8 seconds.

It is suggested not to fire the Thargoid Plasma Accelerator until the Laser Temperature Bar has cooled all the way back down again, because otherwise it'll take twice as much time to cool.


GalCop captured a Thargoid craft in the vicinity of Lave. They successfully examined it and acquired the Thargoid Laser. Later on, they acquired the Thargoid Plasma Accelerator by examining the debris of a Thargoid Mothership.

A few years later, four Thargoid ships were attacking a fleet of 3 Navy vessels: a Behemoth and two Escort Vipers. They successfully destroyed the two Vipers and took out the shields of the Behemoth before transmitting this final message: "Rg ceb shegb abfgen gryn cenrovgv!" This message was later translated by the Research Office of Tianve in exactly 13 days.


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  • All weapons can be bought at tech level 14+ locations. Additional in anarchies, feudal and multi-gov systems or at independent and "sleazy" places with a minimum of a tech level 7 they are sometimes offered as well.
Thargoid Ray Laser: ₢ 1,100.00
Thargoid Cannon: ₢ 5,000.00
Thargoid Plasma Accelerator: ₢ 10,000.00
Please note that this are the standard prices and might be different at some stations.
  • Cannon and Accelerator only fit in larger ships like a Cobra Mark III (minimum 200 t).


  • Nexus-Hex (original author and in charge of V 1.00 and V 1.10)
  • Nite Owl & Cholmondely (reporting typos in the original OXP)
  • arquebus (pointed out a logical error in the purchase chances in one of his videos)


The Thargoid Weaponry could be found on the Expansions Manager or alternatively here: Thargoid Weaponry.

Manual Installation

Move or copy the file into your AddOns folder. If you are not sure where to find this folder, please check at OXP or consult the wiki or BB.


Oolite Version 1.88 or higher is required.


This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).
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Version History

  • V 1.00 (Nexus-Hex):
OXP Release
  • V 1.10 (Nexus-Hex):
Increased damage and recharge rate on Thargoid Laser (works now like a Beam Laser)
Reduced price of the Thargoid Laser (A little more expensive than the Pulse Laser)
Reduced price of the Thargoid Plasma Accelerator
  • V 1.20 (Montana05):
Corrected some typos and changed the name to Thargoid Ray Laser
Added some features from later Oolite releases
Raised the price of the Thargoid Laser (now a little more expensive than a Beam Laser)
Included the Thargoid Cannon (energy weapon based on the Thargoid Laser)
Attached a condition script to all entries
  • V 1.21 (Montana05):
Fixed a logical error in the purchase chances

Quick Facts

Minimum Oolite versionCPU usage lowMemory usage lowGPU usage low

Tag-colour-blue.png More powerful lasers for the player, while not many NPC's will get equipped with them.

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.21 2021-12-12 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Lasers Weapons OXPs Nexus-Hex, Montana05 Oolite BB


This oxp was written by Nexus-Hex and rejigged as an OXZ by the Man of Mystery.