Thargoid Weaponry

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This OXP brings you the Thargoid Laser and the Thargoid Plasma Acelerator.


  • Thargoid Laser: Captured Thargoid Weapon. No Self-Aiming (actually works).
  • Thargoid Plasma Accelerator: As seen on the Mutabilis and Incursio novels. It can be fired once every 8 seconds.

It is suggested not to fire the Thargoid Plasma Accelerator until the Laser Temperature Bar has gone all the way, because otherwise it'll take twice as much time to cool.


  • The Thargoid Laser can be bought at tech level 14 systems for 500.0 cr.
  • The Thargoid Plasma Acelerator can be bought at tech level 14 for 10000.0 cr.


GalCop captured a Thargoid craft in the vicinities of Lave. They successfully examined it and acquired the Thargoid Laser. Later on, they acquired the Thargoid Plasma Accelerator by examining the debris of a Thargoid Mothership.

A few years later, four Thargoid ships were attacking a fleet of 3 Navy vessels: a Behemoth and two Escort Vipers. They successfully destroyed the two Vipers and took out the shields of the Behemoth before transmitting this final message: "Rg ceb shegb abfgen gryn cenrovgv!" This message was later translated by the Research Office of Tianve in exactly 13 days.

Manual Installation

After unzipping, move or copy the folder "Thargoid_Weaponry" into your AddOns folder.


This OXP is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.


  • Thargoid Weaponry 1.0

- OXP Release

  • Thargoid Weaponry 1.1

- Increased damage and recharge rate on Thargoid Laser (works now like a Beam Laser) - Reduced price of the Thargoid Laser (A little more expensive than the Pulse Laser) - Reduced price of the Thargoid Plasma Accelerator

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