Tetiri Planet Ring

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Tetiri Ring.png
Tetiri Ring 2.png
Tetiri Ring F8 market screen.png
Missing Tetiri texture to go with the ring

This OXP is the fruit of a BB discussion from 2011. PA Groove, Thargoid et al. eventually managed to come up with what you see in the screen shots.

ReadMe & License

Ring Demo OXP by Thargoid.

A little demo OXP which adds a ring of rectangular blocks (1000m wide) around the equatorial circumference of the system main planet at a height of 2500m. It is a proof of concept of how perhaps to make a race-track or orbital ring around special worlds.

The code herein is made freely available for anyone else to use as the basis for a full OXP based on the idea, which was originally from P.A. Groove anyway.


Updated 20th Sept to include flashers in between rings to smooth out the gaps (Eric Walch & Daddyhoggy) and addition of Coriolis stations as ring gateways (me).

Updated 18th January 2014 to replace flashers with visual effects to join the ring segments together, and to add segment ship script to keep them in position.

Share and enjoy...


PA Groove also created a special texture for the planet - and a new Famous Planets description - see here and later...

Important note for OXP writers

If you are seriously interested in fixing this OXP, please read the encrypted message below.

This message is encrypted as it contains a spoiler for other of Thargoid's oxp's. But if you have played through Galaxy 3 with TCAT (To catch a Thargoid), Stealth, Aquatics & Vortex loaded you should be all right!

Copy and paste the BROWN encrypted text into the rot13 box and decrypt it.

Gurer vf n ornhgvshy jbexvat irefvba bs gur Grgvev evat va Gunetbvqf Ndhngvpf.bkc

Whfg ybnq vg hc naq gura ivfvg Ndhnyvan (Evovnen) va gur guveq tnynkl.


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Adding at least one market (if not eight!) greatly increases supply and demand...