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Turns the STE's target lock box red when on target.

Target Reticle
Name Target Reticle
Cost 1,750₢
TL Availability 11
Not yet on target
Targetted Dodo! (one can just about see the red)


This OXP adds the equipment: Target Reticle Sensitive. This is an add-on to the normal Target Reticle in the View Screen. It makes the target lock box turn red when on target. It requires the Scanner Targeting Enhancement.

Minimum requirement Oolite 1.73

A comparison of different reticles used in telescopic sights


A reticle, or reticule (also known as a graticule), is a pattern of fine lines or markings built into the eyepiece of an optical device such as a telescopic sight, spotting scope, theodolite, optical microscope or the screen of an oscilloscope, to provide measurement references during visual inspections. Today, engraved lines or embedded fibers may be replaced by a digital image superimposed on a screen or eyepiece. Both terms may be used to describe any set of patterns used for aiding visual measurements and calibrations, but in modern use reticle is most commonly used for weapon sights, while graticule is more widely used for non-weapon measuring instruments such as oscilloscope display, astronomic telescopes, microscopes and slides, surveying instruments and other similar devices (from Wikipedia).

Download Link

Update Notes

The version posted on the Wiki is the latest version of this OXP. (Updated 31/05/10).
Version 1.2.1: Raised minimum Oolite to 1.73. (works with Oolite version 1.74).
Version 1.2: Prepared for Oolite changes. (1.1 will stop working with Oolite version 1.74).
Version 1.1: Better detection for HUD that already has this equipment defined in the HUD.
Version 1.0: First release for Oolite 1.72

Installing and Playing

To play the OXP, unzip the download file. This will create a folder named "Target Reticle". Open this folder and you will see a folder named "Target Reticle.oxp" and a readme. Move the Target Reticle.oxp folder to AddOns. As with all OXPs, it's the folder ending .oxp that you need to put in Oolite's AddOns folder, otherwise Oolite will not read it.


Similar OXP's

  • Auto Crosshairs - turns the crosshairs red rather than the bounding box
  • Quite a number of the more modern HUD's now feature this as a built-in capability

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Allows one to restrain firing the laser (and thus heating it up) until the target is in the sights! This was a favourite in the old days. Now, most of the newer HUDs feature this automatically.