Taranis Corporation HQ (Oolite)

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Taranis Corporation HQ
Size (metres, W×H×L) 4682 x 2400 x 4682
Manoeuvrability Roll: 8.0
Pitch: 8.0
Rotating N/A
Energy recharge rate 100
Armaments 41 Turrets
Defenders 5
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon T


Based in the Lerelace system (28 light years from Lave), shipbuilder Taranis Corp originally had its main offices on the planet's surface, but strong sales of the Outrider escort vessel enabled the firm to relocate to a new orbital HQ, while retaining a few facilities "planetside". The cost of the HQ is unknown, but is estimated at around half a billion credits, a hefty sum even by the standards of big business. Noted Ineran architect Philippe K Lizzard reportedly had a hand in its design.

Notable features

In addition to being the company's managerial and administrative centre, Taranis's HQ houses extensive R&D facilities and accommodation for its staff, many of whom rarely leave the premises. The most opulent interiors are to be found on the executive levels in the rotating central sphere; the outer ring uses artificial gravity, except in certain zero-G test areas. The ring has a diameter of over 4.6km, while "The Ball", as it is known, has a diameter of around 2.3km.

The HQ is extremely well defended, thanks largely to Taranis's military connections. Anyone attempting an assault would have to contend with military-grade shields even more powerful than those of a Torus station, 41 turrets and a squadron of five Outriders, reportedly equipped with military lasers and enhanced shields.

Less suicidal visitors will be able to take advantage of tech-level-15 ship-outfitting facilities and a shop selling a range of luxury items bearing the Taranis logo.


The HQ is the starting point for a series of missions.


  • Roberto (author)
  • Maik (Fixed wrong definition at the Taranis station commodities.plist)
  • Eric Walch (anti mission clash code, Converted to JS)
  • Thanks to all those who have assisted me - especially Giles, Murgh and Arexack_Heretic (who helped me through my darkest hours with the AIs!).
  • Thanks again to Murgh for the use of his Wolf Mark II as the mission ship.


The Taranis Corporation HQ OXP from Oosat2 or:

Download Taranis_1.3.oxz v1.3 (downloaded 3368 times).
Download Taranis Corporation HQ OXP. version 1.3, Updated 20 May 2012. Needs Oolite 1.74 or newer.

  • Note: Taranis Corporation HQ is part of the Taranis OXP (missions), the package for both is the same


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