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ugh. this can use a lot of help and revision. something to build on I hope. Murgh

it's brilliant! One request: 30: ScanClass: list of available classes? --Rxke 20:01, 16 January 2006 (UTC)

thx. hopefully some of these subcategories will grow big.Murgh

list of things that could be added or definitely bear to be elaborated on.

  • accuracy - miners only?
  • fuel - what is default when omitted?
  • rotational_velocity
  • script_actions
  • setup_actions
  • thrust - there must be a better explanation.
  • weapon_offset
  • station/carrier/buoy specific entries..

and anything else? Murgh

  • added cargo_carried and some additional comments. Arexack.
  • 1.62rc3 (Final):
Cargo bay expansion size can now be customised
(<key>extra_cargo</key><integer>value</integer> in shipdata.plist entry).

New in v1.63!

(v1.63) You can now specify the cargo within a cargopod (or any other item)> Set the cargo_type entry to CARGO_CARRIED, and a entry for cargo_carried to a string specifying the amount and then the commodity name for the container.

<string>4 Gold</string> 

.. would be used in the shipdata.plist entry of a pod (with role 'cargopod') that always holds 4 kg of Gold.

Info dump

At user request, I went through the code and found all the shipdata.plist keys I could see used anywhere, and dumped them in the forum here. It would be helpful if someone merged that info into this page. *looks meaningfully at the user who did the requesting* Ask any specific questions about what keys do in the aforementioned forum thread. -Ahruman 10:38, 21 July 2007 (BST)

XML vs OpenStep

Should we add/step to OpenStep notations for the examples? Oolite itself uses no XML plists anymore... Svengali 17:46, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

You mean like add openstep conversions under the XML examples? Can't see any reason not too. But keep the XML examples, XML is more common than openstep. ADCK 02:28, 6 May 2010 (UTC)