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Suggestion: Hmm, replace the flag .png's with .gif's and animate the flashing ones? --Aegidian 10:33, 14 January 2006 (UTC)

that would be best. I considered teaching myself how to make blinkin'GIFs, but the tutorials weren't appealing and surely someone else must already be skilled at this. --Murgh

uploaded optimized gif originals (how I've come to hate gifs) that at least retain transparency individually, but just seem to be beyond me to combine into animations with intact colours, if it helps someone do the job well..

  • IFF-sysblue.gif IFF-syspurp.gif IFF-green.gif IFF-yella.gif IFF-red.gif IFF-wrmblue.gif IFF-liteblue.gif

maybe it all has to be redone with proper colours for all I know --Murgh

  • Iffns-g.gif OoIFF-green.png
  • Iffns-r.gif OoIFF-red.png
  • Iffns-c.gif OoIFF-liteblue.png
  • Iffns-w.gif OoIFF-white.png
  • Iffns-y.gif OoIFF-yella.png

too bad this way is slightly less pleasing to the eye..--Murgh 11:33, 27 January 2006 (UTC)