Sunskimmers OXP

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Sunskimmers adds ships to the sun/planet corridor


There are three primary spacelanes in Oolite. The most populated is that between the Witchpoint Beacon and the Planet (WP). But there are two others in each solar system, running from each of these to the sun (WS & PS).

Dr Nils created his original sunskimmers to provide more traffic on the sun-planet spacelane.

As Oolite developed and more planets were added by OXP's, then secondary spacelanes were accordingly created.



Other relevant OXP's

  • Configurable Populator makes some populator settings easily adjustable (requires Oolite 1.84 and Library OXP).
  • Population Control is intended to limit the size of pirate groups in safer systems. The number of police patrols is also increased slightly.

Gameplay and Balance Indicator


More traffic means more pirates!