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Space Security Group (SSG)


How often you faced a situation like that ? Urgent cargo to deliver, some assassins on the way to hunt you down, and groups of pirates ahead of you. You are out of luck, the only escort pilots you are able to find look either like they will kill you themselves or are so green that you wonder if after the first jump they managed to stay in formation. Well, SSG got the solution for you, with bureaus all over the sectors they could provide you with loyal and experienced escorts for a reasonable price.

Space Security Group is one of the leading companies in GalCop space when it comes to defense. They specialize in the protection of stations and providing escorts for various groups of clients.

There are rumors, often told at the bars of sleazy stations, that the group is sending hit-squads to neutralize every pilot luckily enough to get away with an attack of one of their clients. However, GalCop administration never opened any investigation, and it's hard to believe the words of a drunk pirate whining that his ship just was blown up by assassins with SSG logo.


SSG is using a wide array of ships, usually specially assigned to the task at hand. Moray Guard Boats for example are used as escorts for Lambda Hospital T5-F01 ships while Gecko "Dragon Class" fighters act as defenders for System Independent Repair Facilities. On the other hand Fer-de-Lance NG-2F's and Sunracer Fighters typically escort high-speed yachts.


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The ships of SSG are spread over several OXP's, in general, player versions are available as well.