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Three ships based on existing models, textured similarly - primarily silver with blue chevrons.

Copperhead Yari

The original Copperhead has a flat keel. For the Yari, the keel was remodeled thus enhancing the ships specifications. A unique feature is the in-model missile launch tube and fuel scoop. Yari is the Ninja term for ‘spear’.
Roles: Player, Escort, & Pirate.


This ship was made by drastic remodeling of the Accipiter, resulting in a loss of cargo space, energy specs, and speed but a design that enhances maneuverability. It is named after the bird which impales its victims on thorns before devouring them.
Roles: Player, Hunter / Trader, & Pirate.


Another redesign / remodel of the ‘Accipiter’ but only minor at best. It still possesses the same specs as that ship. Everyone should know what a shuriken is and if you encounter the pirate commanders of the Yari or the Shuriken you will also know that this set has a Ninja sub-theme.
Roles: Player, Hunter / Trader, & Pirate.

Ship Specs Breakdown

Specifications Copperhead Yari Shrike Shuriken
Cargo Capacity 15TC 10TC 15TC
Cargo Bay Extension NA 15TC 15TC
Maximum Speed 0.325 0.350 0.375
Maneuverability Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.0
Roll: 2.25
Pitch: 1.25
Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.0
Energy Banks 3 4 5
Energy Recharge Rate 4 4.5 5.0
Gun Mounts 2 4 4
Pylons 2 4 4
Shield Boosters yes yes yes
Military Shields yes yes yes
Hyperspace Capable yes yes yes
OXP or Standard OXP OXP OXP
Available to Playeryes yes yes
Base Price 100,000₢ 120,000₢ 200,000₢


Xeceesian Shipyards on the behest of their favourite commander.

Minimum Requirements

Tested with Oolite 1.75.3 but these OXPs should work on earlier versions.


I am offering these as individual downloads only. After unzipping, move or copy the following folders to your AddOns Folder of your Oolite installation:
Copperhead Yari.oxp


Art objects from Smivs & Griff.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0


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Copperhead Yari OXP
Shrike OXP
Shuriken OXP