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Three ships based on existing models, textured similarly - primarily silver with blue chevrons.

Copperhead Yari

The original Copperhead has a flat keel. For the Yari, the keel was remodeled thus enhancing the ships specifications. A unique feature is the in-model missile launch tube and fuel scoop. Yari is the Ninja term for ‘spear’. Roles: Player, Escort, & Pirate.


This ship was made by drastic remodeling of the ‘Accipiter’, resulting in a loss of cargo space, energy specs, and speed but a design that enhances maneuverability. It is named after the bird which impales its victims on thorns before devouring them. Roles: Player, Hunter / Trader, & Pirate.


Another redesign / remodel of the ‘Accipiter’ but only minor at best. It still possesses the same specs as that ship. Everyone should know what a shuriken is and if you encounter the pirate commanders of the Yari or the Shuriken you will also know that this set has a Ninja sub-theme. Roles: Player, Hunter / Trader, & Pirate.

Ship Specs Breakdown

Specifications Copperhead Yari Shrike Shuriken
Cargo Capacity 15 10 15
Cargo Bay Extension NA 15 15
Maximum Speed 0.325 0.350 0.375
Maneuverability Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.0
Roll: 2.25
Pitch: 1.25
Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.0
Energy Banks 3 4 5
Energy Recharge Rate 4 4.5 5.0
Gun Mounts 2 4 4
Pylons 2 4 4
Shield Boosters yes yes yes
Military Shields yes yes yes
Hyperspace Capable yes yes yes
OXP or Standard OXP OXP OXP
Available to Playeryes yes yes
Base Price 100000 Cr 120000 Cr 200000 Cr




Xeceesian Shipyards on the behest of their favourite commander.

Minimum Requirements

Tested with Oolite 1.75.3 but should work on earlier versions.


I am offering these as individual downloads only. After unzipping, move or copy the following folders to your AddOns Folder of your Oolite installation:
Copperhead Yari.oxp


Art objects from Smivs & Griff.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0


Version 1.0


Copperhead Yari OXP
Shrike OXP
Shuriken OXP