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Tionisla Chronicle transmission

3130 MGMT - GalCop begins a programme of retrofitting out-of-date communications equipment on older vessels. At the same time, satellite and comms buoys are upgraded.

And communications companies popped up like mushrooms, offering dubious and sometimes very expensive services, each trying to grab the biggest slice of this new market, swept up by a gold rush fever. Only a handful of news agencies survived the ensuing 'War of Information' - an orgy of mergers, acquisitions, lawsuits and the occasional little bit of terrorism and sabotage - to create today's stable news market that we know and love.

And Snoopers brings them to you. Directly onto your screen, through your eyeballs and into your brain.

Channels - Independent

We snoop, it's what we do best. Every rumour, every unbelievable tale from every corner of every chart. We collect, collate, dismiss as guff or reveal as unimaginable truth. If you haven't yet heard the one about Raxxla, then visit our pages:

Heard a rumour:

Got a question:

GNN - Official GalCoop Network

Galactic News Network

Up to the minute live commentary on the issues that matter across all eight charts. Voted best Serious News Channel for three consecutive cycles. Unparalleled access to the upper echelons of The Galactic Cooperative and the Galactic Navy. We don't start rumours, we don't report rumours, just the news, the truth, without spin or compromise.


Rooters - Independent

Didn't 'vape that embarrassing nano-storage crystal properly? Is that fly on the wall really just a fly? Here at Rooters we rely on the fact that corrupt people surround themselves with other like-minded people. Like-minded people who are usually less well paid/bribed than their superiors and not above taking a tongue loosening bung from one of our highly unscrupulous reporters. We're here to reveal the truth and we're not above paying for it, stealing it or intercepting it before it goes to the trash compactor. No matter how well buried you think the truth is, we will dig it up.

The Tionisla Chronicle

The Tionisla Chronicle - THE network

Affectionately known as the 'Chronic', and considered by many to inhabit the trashy end of the news market, nevertheless the Tionisla Chronicle is one of the most widely read news feeds broadcasting around the galaxy with advertising revenues in excess of five million credits per year. Its blend of populist articles, local news, hyperbole and scant regard for complete factual accuracy, aimed squarely at the impecunious yet entrepreneurial small-time trader, endears it to many.

It is one of the longest-running news networks, with an unbroken line of editors stretching back to 2781. The current editor-in-chief, Anna Mereso, worked her way up through the ranks as a reporter, finally clinching the top job by being in the right place at the right time to cover the 'Lave Blockade' of 3125 as featured in the closing chapters of Status Quo. The origin of its famous catchphrase, "Truth is, we don't know!", has unfortunately been lost in the mists of time.

The Chronicle operates from its base at Tionisla, transmitting from the Chronicle Array, on wideband channel 385.2.


OXPConfig compatible.png

Snoopers gives players some nice and well-thought screens to learn a bit more about the Ooniverse brought to you by all established news agencies. News can be accessed via the SYSTEM DATA SCREEN (F7), when any important news are available.

  • Configurable (by editing or OXPConfig2.x) and self-configuring

Usage for OXPs

Snoopers has a inbuilt feature to implement news. This gives other worldScripts a platform to add even more flavour and to integrate own stories.



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  • Download in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 13040 times).

For Oolite v1.76.1:

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