Shuriken OXP

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Size (W×H×L) 96 x 20 x 80.5
Cargo capacity 10 TC
Cargo bay extension 15 TC
Maximum speed 0.400 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.0
Energy banks 5
Energy recharge rate

Very Good (5.0)

Gun mounts Forward, Aft, Port & Starboard
Missile slots 4
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 200,000 Cr


SoloTek Industries has been granted receivership of all material assets once the property of Xeceesian Shipyards. Their second product line is a step up from the Copperhead Mk. II: It is the re-modeled and re-furbished Shuriken. It's sleek lines and slim heads on profile hide the fact that it boasts a superior propulsion system and energy plant. During a test run to Isinor, she caught the eye of several of the Navy brass. There have been inquiries but it is rather hush -hush at the moment..

The Shuriken can be found at tech level nine systems and higher.


Model and textures by the author.
Oolite vertex shader.
Fragment shader by Ahruman for Griff's Adder

Play Testers

The author


Tested with Oolite 1.77, but should work with versions 1.74 and onward. No dependencies.


After unzipping, move or copy the folder, "Shuriken.oxp" into your AddOns folder. Where that resides depends on the location of your Oolite installation.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0.

Version History

Version 1.1: 23 February, 2013


Shuriken OXP.