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This OXP was devised by Oolite's last Lead Developer Cim who also wrote a couple of books for it!


  • Download the OXZ (listed under Equipment in the Expansions Manager).
  • You get access to the books in your library when you are docked - Try the F4 interface and look towards the end of the list under Ship Systems. Note that your library does not give you comparisons of Spacecraft & Orbital Stations - for that you need View Ship Specifications, which is called the Ship Library when you are inside it!
  • You can also buy an in-flight reader for 200cr. This will provide an MFD (which will need priming using the :/; keys) governed by the n/b keys to allow you to scroll through your books!

The Library comes with your Ship's Manual:

Ship's Manual Contents

  • Tip of the Day (varies!)

Ship controls and information displays

  • Ship Systems Controls
  • Station Systems Controls
  • Standard In-flight Controls

Ship equipment, both standard and optional

  • Standard Equipment
  • Trading Equipment
  • Combat Equipment
  • Extra Equipment

A brief introduction to life in space

  • Galactic Cooperative
  • Interactions with other pilots
  • Planetary Governments
  • Planetary Economics
  • Species of the Cooperative
  • Thargoids
  • History

A guide to Ship Identification and capabilities


Supplementary Volumes

You can also download (via the in-game Expansions Manager: also under Equipment) the following volumes:

  • The Traders Almanach link is here: this is dated and may not work, but is full of advice on what to trade between the various planets!


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