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GalCat ID: 1:100
Location: 105,152 in the near seven o'clock direction of GalSector 1
Government: Communism
Economy: Rich Industrial
Technology Level: 11
Population: 4.5 Billion
(Human Colonials)
Productivity: 28800 MCr
Planet Radius: 4457km
Location of Vetitice in Sector 1
This world is very well known for Vetiticeian lethal brandy and its great parking meters.
Old Galactic Catalogue Entry for 1:100 (Vetitice)

Witchspace Routes

There are 6 direct Witchspace Routes from/to Vetitice:

Destination Distance Gov. Eco. TL Pop. Prod
Atrabiin 5.6 LY 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 2Logo64 PoorIndustrial.png 07Logo TL7s.png 2.9 Bln. 01113611136 MCr
Anarlaqu 5.2 LY 1Logo64 Feudal.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 2.5 Bln. 0030003000 MCr
Xeeranre 4.0 LY 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 4Logo64 MainlyAgricultural.png 06Logo TL6s.png 2.7 Bln. 0077767776 MCr
Ribiso 4.0 LY 6Logo64 Democracy.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 06Logo TL6s.png 3.3 Bln. 01056010560 MCr
Inonri 3.6 LY 4Logo64 Communism.png 1Logo64 AverageIndustrial.png 11Logo TL11s.png 4.6 Bln. 02649626496 MCr
Mariar 6.0 LY 7Logo64 CorporateState.png 2Logo64 PoorIndustrial.png 10Logo TL10s.png 4.6 Bln. 03238432384 MCr


Item Price Quantity Avail-
Min Avg Max Min Avg Max
Food 7.6 7.7 8.0 6 6.5 7 100.0% Vetiticeian lethal brandy
Textiles 8.0 8.6 9.2 10 11.5 13 100.0%
Radioactives 26.0 27.4 28.8 2 5.5 9 100.0%
Slaves 16.0 22.1 28.4 0 1.0 1 3.1%
Liquor/Wines 33.2 36.1 39.2 0 5.5 10 62.5%
Luxuries 78.4 79.0 79.6 54 55.5 57 100.0%
Narcotics 1.2 34.8 100.4 0 32.0 56 87.5%
Computers 61.6 62.1 62.8 56 57.5 59 100.0%
Machinery 46.8 48.2 49.6 40 43.5 47 100.0%
Alloys 31.2 37.4 43.6 17 32.5 48 100.0%
Firearms 49.6 51.0 52.4 29 32.5 36 100.0% Vetiticese duel pistols
Furs 70.4 83.0 95.6 0 14.0 27 42.1%
Minerals 12.8 13.3 14.0 53 54.5 56 100.0%
Gold 38.8 40.2 41.6 2 5.5 9 100.0%
Platinum 68.4 74.5 80.8 0 25.2 63 96.8%
Gem-Stones 18.0 21.0 24.0 0 5.0 9 56.2%
Alien Items 21.2 22.5 24.0 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Average prices are based on long-term established averages (the so-called arithmetic mean). The average quantity is based only on quantity values greater zero. Availability gives a percentage whether a good is available in this system. Please note that these are statistical data. GalCop regulations expressively forbids the broadcasting of actual prices beyond the current system.


Famous Planets

Made in Vetitice!
Vetitice (Animation).gif

The planet Vetitice is well-known for its luxury parking meters.

Vetitice is also renowned as the home of GASEC, the manufacturer and supplier of Coriolis, Dodo and Ico space stations. Travellers visit Vetitice from all over the eight galaxies to witness the construction of these massive structures. (Famous Planets OXP)

Galactic Navy

Sector1 Navy Sector Command 7 SmallNavySectorMap.png

This system falls under the responsibility of the Navy Command Station 7 in Maxeedso. (Galactic Navy OXP)

Dark Rainbow OXP

Skavurzka Shipyards, a semi-private enterprise associated to the Communist government of Vetitice and strategically located at the center of Galaxy I, has been recently making a non-standard inroad into the high-end ship market.

Details have been somewhat sketchy (no press-release up to the moment), although the availability of the new Dark Rainbow ship is indeed confirmed.

From what we could gather up from various undisclosed sources, it seems that the Caduceus class of ships, ooniversally known for its somewhat mysterious biotech nature, has spawned a higher-specced version of itself. The mysterious-clad 'Homunculus' word - floating around in some muffled talks around the Ooniverse's underground hubs - comes to mind. However, in practical terms, little (if anything at all) is known, up to the moment, about such mythical offspring of the original mighty vessel.

However, and back to our real world, one sure fact is that Boris Ripoffski, the lead designer from the Spaceship Research & Design Bureau of the Communist Cevege government, and seemingly a strong admirer of Udian Shulth's work, has managed to coach what originally was a somewhat spontaneous cellular mutation into a more meaningful variation of a Caduceus. And the ongoing interchange of ideas and technology among the multiple Communist worlds of Galaxy I came to fruition onto the corresponding new ship variation coming out from Skavurzka Shipyards.


Parking Meters


GASEC, the renowned manufacturer of orbital stations and luxury liners is based at Vetitice. In the Vanilla game, the very first Coriolis station was designed here at the GASEC laboratories. As regards OXPs, a number of stations (Superhub) and liners (Orisis) are made here at GASECWorks.

Routes and Regions

GalCenter G1

GalCenter G1

Vetitice is a member of the GalCenter G1 region.

The Traders Almanach

When cash matters more than cargo capacity, I give you this advice: You can't do anything wrong with buying memory chips here. You've got the choice to move them to Anarlaqu - in Anarlaqu, they get you a decent profit of 60 to 67% -, with Ribiso being the second choice in destinations and Xeeranre last. For bounty and glory try Anarlaqu, where dangerous pirates have been reported.
(Excerpt from: The Traders Almanach entry for 1:100)