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Logo64 Dictatorship.png Reorte Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png
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GalCat ID: 1:39
Location: 19,151 near the nine o'clock edge of GalSector 1
Government: Dictatorship
Economy: Poor Agricultural
Technology Level: 6
Population: 3.1 Billion
(Black Fat Felines)
Productivity: 5208 MCr
Planet Radius: 6419km
Location of Reorte in Sector 1
This planet is mildly fabled for its inhabitants' eccentric love for tourists but plagued by deadly earthquakes.
Old Galactic Catalogue Entry for 1:39 (Reorte)

Witchspace Routes

There are 8 direct Witchspace Routes from/to Reorte:

Destination Distance Gov. Eco. TL Pop. Prod
Lave 4.4 LY 3Logo64 Dictatorship.png 5Logo64 RichAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 2.5 Bln. 0070007000 MCr
Quator 3.2 LY 0Logo64 Anarchy.png 3Logo64 MainlyIndustrial.png 07Logo TL7s.png 2.8 Bln. 0062726272 MCr
Ra 4.0 LY 7Logo64 CorporateState.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 3.1 Bln. 0081848184 MCr
Diso 5.2 LY 6Logo64 Democracy.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 08Logo TL8s.png 4.1 Bln. 01312013120 MCr
Uszaa 6.4 LY 0Logo64 Anarchy.png 3Logo64 MainlyIndustrial.png 08Logo TL8s.png 3.2 Bln. 0071687168 MCr
Relaes 6.8 LY 4Logo64 Communism.png 1Logo64 AverageIndustrial.png 11Logo TL11s.png 4.6 Bln. 02649626496 MCr
Begeabi 6.4 LY 1Logo64 Feudal.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 02Logo TL2s.png 1.3 Bln. 0015601560 MCr
Orrere 5.2 LY 7Logo64 CorporateState.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 07Logo TL7s.png 3.9 Bln. 01029610296 MCr


Item Price Quantity Avail-
Min Avg Max Min Avg Max
Food 2.0 2.1 2.4 20 20.5 21 100.0%
Textiles 5.2 5.8 6.4 17 18.5 20 100.0%
Radioactives 17.6 19.0 20.4 23 26.5 30 100.0%
Slaves 2.0 8.2 14.4 5 20.5 36 100.0%
Liquor/Wines 19.2 22.1 25.2 30 37.5 45 100.0% strange wine from the sloping hills of Reorte
Luxuries 100.8 101.3 102.0 0 1.0 1 25.0%
Narcotics 2.4 58.4 101.6 0 36.1 61 56.2%
Computers 100.8 101.3 102.0 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Machinery 63.6 65.0 66.4 0 3.0 5 62.5%
Alloys 34.0 40.1 46.4 10 25.5 41 100.0%
Firearms 86.0 87.3 88.8 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Furs 45.2 57.8 70.4 0 32.0 63 98.4% Reortese coats
Minerals 10.0 10.6 11.2 60 61.5 63 100.0%
Gold 36.0 37.3 38.8 9 12.5 16 100.0%
Platinum 62.8 69.0 75.2 5 20.5 36 100.0%
Gem-Stones 15.2 18.1 21.2 1 8.5 16 100.0%
Alien Items 63.2 64.6 66.0 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Average prices are based on long-term established averages (the so-called arithmetic mean). The average quantity is based only on quantity values greater zero. Availability gives a percentage whether a good is available in this system. Please note that these are statistical data. GalCop regulations expressively forbids the broadcasting of actual prices beyond the current system.


Famous Planets

Reorte (Animation).gif

Because of deadly earthquakes the people of Reorte are forever at the mercy of titanic hidden forces hidden deep within their planet. As a result they are deeply religious. Although listed as a Dictatorship the planet is actually a theocracy, controlled by a fluctuating priesthood. (Famous Planets OXP)


From the History behind the various Academies sprinkled around Galaxy 1.
In Galaxy 1, the former Reortian Empire Academies maintained their reciprocal relationships and use of their respective facilities by each other's alma mater. As would be expected for two (formerly) rich agricultural worlds with similar political systems, sentient species, technology levels, and separated by only 4 light years, the Lave and Reortian Academies enjoyed an ancient academic rivalry.

After the disintegration of the Reortian Empire during the idiotic rule of Supreme Emperor Geou Dibea', Reorte fell into economic decline and a large influx of human colonials displaced the indigenous black felines in this part of the galaxy - notably on Lave. To compound matters further, the newly formed Galactic Cooperative selected Lave over Reorte as the premier site for its flight training school.

Galactic Navy

Sector1 Navy Sector Command 2 SmallNavySectorMap.png

This system falls under the responsibility of the Navy Command Station 2 in Orrere. (Galactic Navy OXP)


  • Faulcon de Lacy have their headquarters here (they started here as Faulcon Manspace about four centuries ago). Here they build many of their missiles, as well as the Viper.
  • Raddlett and Rayburn Shipyards construct the Mamba here.


Routes and Regions

The Old Worlds

The Old Worlds

Reorte is a member of The Old Worlds.

The Old Worlds consist of Reorte, Lave, Diso, Riedquat, Leesti, Zaonce, and Orerve

Rough Guide

Makandal's picture of Reorte

The Rough Guide to the Ooniverse also has a very good entry on Reorte.

“Reorte”, in the old, high Narrow Speech, means “Lair of Gods”. The planet certainly seems to be infested with them, and hundreds of new ones are discovered every week.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that the inhabitants of one of the most seismically active worlds in the whole eight galaxies should be so fervently religious. They are forever at the mercy of titanic hidden forces, utterly beyond their control, and the tremulous ground is a constant reminder of vast, immanent presences beneath their feet.

Excerpt from "Rough Guide to the Ooniverse: Reorte"

The Traders Almanach

If the limiting factor is the size of the cargo bay, you've got to get the best gain per unit, so buy Reortese coats or barrels containing the strange wine from the sloping hills of Reorte and transport them to Relaes. And each ton of those coats returns a plus of 21 Credits for you on that trip. In addition, those coats can also be sold well enough in Quator or Uszaa. Trading in Quator and Uszaa is quite dangerous for beginners. Being a direct witchspace neighbour to good old Lave, this is nearly home for a seasoned spacer.
(Excerpt from: The Traders Almanach entry for 1:39)