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{{Infobox StationStats Oolite| title = Salvage Gang
{{Infobox StationStats Oolite| title = Salvage Gang
|image = [[Image:Salvager.png|250px]]
|image = [[Image:Salvager.png|120px]]
|dimensions = 1000 x 1000 x 2000
|dimensions = 1000 x 1000 x 2000
|isrotating = No
|isrotating = No

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Salvage Gang
Size (metres, W×H×L) 1000 x 1000 x 2000
Manoeuvrability Roll: 8.0
Pitch: 8.0
Rotating No
Energy recharge rate 30
Armaments None
Defenders 4x Salvager Pheonix
3x Scavenger
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon None


A Cobra MkIII being subjected to a plasma cutter outside a Salvage Gang

Salvage Gangs can be found in the spacelines of many systems. They keep the corridor clean of floating debris by salvaging abandoned ship wrecks and recycling whatever seems still usable to them. As their business calls for a continuous supply of debris and salvaged vessels, they are more likely to be found in systems where this supply is reasonably high, namely in Anarchies.

For a space pilot who doesn't care whether the parts he needs for outfitting his ship come directly from the factory or are second-hand, the Salvage Gang is a place where he can get cheap equipment and spare parts. It's a bit like your local scrap yard: You will almost always find something useful there.

Notable Features

Salvage Gangs use to inhabit huge, hollowed-out asteroids, which host all the facilities they need to take apart and recycle salvaged ships. Usually the first steps of the cutting are done outside the asteroid, before a giant elevator transports the pre-processed ship hulls to the internal workshop deep down in the asteroid, where crews of salvagers chop everything usable off the ship's interior, before finally the whole hull is cut into pieces, and the original alloys are refined. Sometimes the Salvagers' own version of the Hognose Tugship tows ship wrecks directly into their asteroid, where the vessels meet their final fate. So if you're looking for cheap alloys and machinery, the Salvage Gang's market is the obvious place to go.

Perhaps even more rewarding is often a visit to the Salvagers' equipment store. If you're there, then don't bother with the original, first-hand equipment. If they have any, it will be more expensive than in the system's main station. But it will be worthwhile to browse to the items at the end of the inventory list. Quite often the Salvagers manage to recover complete and (almost) unharmed equipment items from stranded ship wrecks. They refurbish and sell these items, and this is where you are in for some real bargains, if you feel the urge to fully equip your ship. The only question is: Can you trust the Salvagers' advertising slogans? And what exactly is the One-Gunfight-Guarantee™? But anyway, it's cheap; so you can probably even afford to fix it, if it breaks.

Finally it should be mentioned that there is also a not-quite-so-legal part of their business: If GalCop for some odd reason doesn't seem to like you, there will be a special piece of equipment, which you will be able to obtain in the more shady Salvage Gangs in Anarchy-systems; sort of under the counter, so-to-speak. It may or may not be helpful to you; you will find out.


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Salvage Gangs are part of Anarchies_OXP.