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Plotted course across the galaxy
Brief summary of the route - сan be useful when executing time-limited contracts


This OXP allows you to build a route through multiple systems. It was designed for use with cargo, passenger, and courier contracts and can automatically update routing information to match them, but can be used for other tasks that require pathfinding too.

The waypoint order can be determined automatically to minimize the number of hops or travel time, according to the ANA mode, but paths are not guaranteed to be optimal and fit all time windows. For those who do not have enough of this or need to strictly follow the order of passing the path, there is a manual mode. Changing the mode, waypoints and appearance can be done via the "Route planning" interface ("Ship Systems" category) on the F4 screen when the ship is docked.

The builded route will be displayed on galactic chart and recalculated every time target system of the current jump sequence changes. Target system will be automatically set when ship launches from a station and it has a route built but no target system. When the next stop is reached, a notification will be shown.

No additional equipment required, but you need to already have bought the Advanced Navigational Array.

Appearance customization

At the moment you can change:

  • Shape and color of user specified waypoint
  • Color of route segments after the current one, separately for each ANA mode

Appearance is configured through the subscreen of the main "Route Planner" interface.


Current version:

Older versions:


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Gameplay and Balance indicator


Makes route planning a little easier.