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Religion in Oolite is found in the Lore and the OXPs.

Monastery (Black Monks of St Herod)
Happy/All-Seeing Eye - Missionaries 2006
Lyre (Church of St Giles - Missionaries 2022)
Skink (All-Seeing Eye - Missionaries 2022)
High Temple (Church of the Holy Witchspace Guard - unpublished)


This stuff has not been linked together in any meaningful way. One or two themes have been partially developed: Witchspace Lobster missionaries in the Missionaries.oxp (from 2006) which then get further developed in the Hognose & Interstellar Tweaks oxp's. But there are no homeworlds for the Witchspace Lobster or descriptions of what they are about. There is more background for the Church of St Giles on this wiki, but little in-game.

Some of the mission-creating oxp's will feature the religions, but again, not in depth (eg Random Hits OXP, etc).

Lore from the Canon

Lore from outside the Canon

Aesbion (Rough Guide) was home to the God-Emperor who ruled during the Imperial Era from the Exalted City, close to the Cathedral of Winds
Aronar (Rough Guide) is home to fervent Giles worshippers, who are yet fervid gamblers!
Reorte (Rough Guide) is an ever-changing theocracy with new gods being invented daily
Tianve (Rough Guide) has devotees to the Pulsar God Tiaxus, who can be propositioned to delay his Sunrage.

Recent Additions

Church of Giles the Creator
Sector1/Tibecea - see fiction at end
  • Witchspace Lobster (or Holy Decapods)
Zarece‎‎ (Rough Guide) - minor snippets
"The sacramental taboos of the Church of the Witchspace Lobster who decry unnatural interference with the radiatory propensities of the cosmic depths"
Qutiri (Rough Guide)


  • Tionisla Orbital Graveyard features a variety of religious symbols depicted on their monuments: crucifixes, stars of David, menhirs etc.
  • Missionaries OXP: the classic Oolite Religion oxp. There are now three versions of this
  • (Dr Nil 2006) gaves us the original four varieties:
Happy Eye preachers
CGC (Church of Giles the Creator) missionaries
Witchspace Lobster worshippers
Zenarchy monks.
Comments in the BB threads by Dr Nil et al:
The Church of Giles the Creator are orthodox creationists. Monotheistic and dogmatic. CGC is quite old and very influential.
Witchspace Lobster Worship is Oolite animism. Classified as primitive superstition by CGC and the rest of the establishment. They seem to worship totems in the form of crudely fashioned elongated asteroids.
What's The Happy Eye? Don't know. Brainwashed smiling faces offering their pamphlets at spaceports and on stations? They look happy. A new age sect? They claim to be the fastest growing spiritual franchise in the Ooniverse.
  • Hognose Missionaries (Griff, 2013) retextures the ships and adds more behaviour
  • Iron Ass Missionaries (Murgh, 2022) retextures and adds more ships, adds more behaviour and gives us the following:
CGC missionaries, in rusty Adders
The CGC flagship, Lyre (the Blessed Barque) leading a procession of Giles devotees
The All-Seeing Eye preachers, flying the Skink
Lobster worshippers of the Witchspace Lobster (or Holy Decapods), flying rusty Worms
Zenarchy monks, flying rusty Cobra MkIs
Randomius Factoria zealots, flying rusty Cobra MkIs
The morose followers of Finagle, flying rusty Adders
Paranoid robot worshippers of The Great Magnifican, flying rusty Adders
  • Hognose - includes obnoxious lobster missionaries, as well as the other three religions depicted in the 2006 version of missionaries
  • Interstellar Tweaks - includes crusading lobster missionaries
Visitors may be privileged to witness some of their rituals, such as the enhancement of Holy Fuel.
  • Church of the Cosmic Wanderer - a place to visit on the orbital stations in the Life in the Frontier.oxp