Rebecca Weston

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Rebecca Weston is a character in the Oolite novellas, Status Quo, Mutabilis, Incursio and Finis.

There are rumours that she may be encountered in game, near the Pulsar in the Tianve system, though these have never been conclusively confirmed. She is reported to have a notorious 'Shoot first and ask questions afterward' attitude to strangers and flies a highly modified Mk1 Vampire spacecraft.

Name : 'Rebecca Weston' (was Tyley)
Species: Human
Diet: Standard Dietary with Supplements. Anlian Heavy Gin features prominently
Gender: Female
Age: 26 Gal-standard years.
Marital status: Single
Homeworld: Tianve
Occupation: Officially Trader. Bounty hunter suspected
Current combat rating: Deadly
Personal weapon: Contraband Korregian Assault Rifle with disruptor capability.

Current vessel: Cobra Courier "Eclipse II"
- Ship is heavy modified with upgraded induction coils, shield enhancements, plasma conduits, high gee bow and lateral thrusters, overdrive military lasers. Other modifications suspected (see legal history)

Legal history:

- Repeated failure to submit to space worthiness inspection checks in core systems. Suspected illegal modifications. Stop and search justified in all core systems.
- Missing account history for 3138-3139 (CLASSIFIED)
- Frequent attitude readjustments in formative years
- Known independence traits, marked on Galcop watch list.
- Thought to have been involved in Lave invasion, thargoid interception and Q-Bomb incidents during 3138. No firm data acquired.
- Occasional Galcop references to Raxxla. Likely to be co-incidence.


- Known to have a taste for Anlian Gin
- Indulges in illegal sport 'Station Baiting' with BoyRacers
- Reputed to have destroyed an iron ass Python Cruiser with a mere Sidewinder in her youth.
- Uncertain relationship with Jim McKenna (Feynman)
- Suspected associated with the 'Dark Wheel'.
- Lost all family in apparently unprovoked attack in 3138.

Infamous quotes over the comm channels:

None. Never toys with her kills.