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This OXP adds characters we all know and love from the Oolite Bulletin Boards to the Ooniverse. Each personality has some specific behaviour and communication patterns.

Notable Features

There is a 65% chance that you will meet one well-known personality when you either jump into a new system or launch from a main station. Some of them are traders or engage in asteroid mining, some of them are bounty hunters and will protect you in case a pirate attacks you—or attack you in case you are the pirate. Some will only engage Thargoids. And some greet you friendly first, but may try to make you one more step on their ELITE ladder if nobody else is looking. Their behaviour in combat varies, but expect all of them to be a little tougher than your average adversary.

A list of the personalities contained in the basic OXP can be found at the very bottom of its ReadMe, seperated by enough whitespace. If you like to be surprised, don't scroll down.


Personalities.oxp is a work in progress, and this version 0.9 is meant as a sneak preview, to give you a feeling what it looks like. It works as it is, but the final release may be different. Please help improving it by reporting bugs and strange or unexpected behaviour in its thread on the Oolite Bulletin Boards. Thanks very much!

How do I remove my own character?

1) Open the shipdata.plist inside the "Config" folder.
2) Look for the entry "personalities-<yourname>".
3a) Remove it completely.
3b) Go to its "roles" key, and delete the roles "personalities" and "personalities_launcher".

Minimum Requirements

Personalities.oxp was written and tested on Oolite 1.73.4. It should run on Oolite 1.73 and above. Some of its features will only be available and enabled from Oolite 1.74 onwards.

Download Location

Personalities.oxp v 0.9 is available for download via


Move or copy the file Personalities.oxp from the main download folder into your AddOns folder. Where this resides, depends on your OS and your personal preferences. Restart Oolite.