Paddling Pool

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Effect of Paddling Pool on Lave region: click on any map to enlarge it: see Short Range Chart for key
Lave region without paddling pool
Lave region system names

What it Does:

Turns the Milkrun from Leesti to Diso into a much safer route for the beginning player.

Leesti & Diso are within jump range of the following planets:

Riedquat - Anarchy
Uszaa - Anarchy
Reorte - Dictatorship
Orerve - Feudal
Oresque - Multi Government

That's some dangerous neighbours when it comes to visiting traffic. Note that I haven't included Lave in this as I didn't want the pool to extend to the more lucrative Zaonce/Tionisla to Isinor or even Isinor to Ensoreus trade routes. Lave forms a simple barrier to dissuade (rather than blockade) the path to Tionisla with its higher tech level (Leesti is just high enough to acquire fuel injectors).

Furthermore, being so close together, Leesti - Diso can make good use of fuel injectors (once purchased). The long distance between Isinor to Ensoreus would make their use almost pointless.

This oxp neuters the piracy influence of the dangerous systems listed above by altering their government types (and occasionally their economies to prevent further lucrative safe routes emerging).


It's not uncommon for the player to be attacked by large groups of pirates even in the early game (when the player ship is especially vulnerable). Having a safe space to learn the ropes, within a single jump of Lave, is what this oxp attempts to provide. The similar nearby but potentially more lucrative milk runs of Zaonce/Tionisle - Isinor and of Isinor - Ensoreous should be largely unaffected.

For the future:

Written in Jan 2021

It may be a little too easy now and so some fine tuning may be needed in future.

No threat is not necessarily an improvement over too much threat but for an early release it makes sense to err on that side of the equation.

The usual applies:

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  • If you don't like it, don't install it - your game, your business
  • By Redspear


  • Dangerous Galaxies by Erick Costa does a similar thing, but to the Galaxies (Galaxy 1 easiest, Galaxy 8 murderous).