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Galaxy 1 : Zadies System : Zadies Moon System

  • Zadies-Zadies-plan.png Compacted plan view.
  • Zadies-Zadies-side.png Compacted elevation view.
Moon-like bodies ordered by orbital distance from planet Zadies:
# 29. Moon Unkayi with Extent 820x773x811 km , Tilt 4 degrees, Rotation 217.4 hours, is a modest irregular moon of Zadies.
Orbital radius 89039 km, inclination 0 degrees, ascending node 334.8 degrees.
Activity : High, TL : -14, Pop 27 (Human Colonials) Prod 221.3 Cr , Isolated structures present.
Moon analysis : A few individuals mine gemstones, extract minerals, from this small body.
Politics : Independent freelance Confederacy, Economic profile : Rich Ind.
Description : This inhabited body is very fabled for its unusual deep chasms.
# 21. Moon Piufyo with Extent 268x194x252 km , Tilt 45 degrees, Rotation 45.9 hours, is a small irregular moon of Zadies.
Orbital radius 3.3462e+05 km, inclination 15 degrees, ascending node 244.5 degrees.
Activity : Below average, TL : -29, Pop 0 , Prod 0 Cr , No space-faring technology identified.
Moon analysis : Ongoing eruptions are enveloping this small body in new deposits.
Politics : None, Economic profile : None
Description : None available.


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