PS Lave System

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Galaxy 1 : Lave System

Notable feature : Only members of system are a single moon in orbit around home world Lave.

  • Lave-Sys-plan.png Compacted plan view.
  • Lave-Sys-side.png Compacted elevation view.
Planetary-like bodies ordered by orbital distance from central sun:
# 0. Planet Lave with Radius 4116 km , Tilt 0 degrees, Rotation 20 hours, is a hospitable World with 1 moon.
Orbital radius 1.0021 h.u., inclination 3.7 degrees, ascending node 51.9 degrees.
Activity : Very high, TL : 5, Pop 2.5 B (Human Colonials) Prod 7000 M Cr , GalCop recognized Home system and Space Station present.
Planet analysis : Civilization fully established on this hospitable planet.
Politics : Home planet of GalCop recognized Dictatorship, Economic profile : Rich Agri.
Description : Lave is most famous for its vast rain forests and the Laveian tree grub.


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