Oolite converters

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Conversion redirects here. For the planet Achenar 6c of the Frontier universe, Conversion, see Achenar.

Several Oolite specific helper scripts and applications are available to do conversions.


  • Dat2Mesh.py
  • Dat2Obj.py
  • Dat2ObjTex.py
  • DatScale.py
  • Mesh2Dat.py
  • Mesh2DatTex.py
  • Mesh2Obj.py
  • Obj2DatTex.py
  • Obj2DatTexNorm.py

All of them are available on GitHub and require Python2.7+ (not 3.x) to be installed.


  • xml2ns.py - Converts xml to open step (written by Cdr. Jettison). Requires Python2.6+ (not 3.x) to be installed and XML plist must be free of comments to work.
  • Note that this conversion script contains CR/LF (carriage return/linefeed) end-of-lines, as used on Windows computers. This will cause "bad interpreter: No such file or directory" errors if run on Linux. You can strip out the CR characters yourself, or download this copy of the script which has already had the CRs removed. (you will also need to make the script executable)


  • Planettool - a application from Ahruman for converting equirectangular projection textures to cube map textures.