Oolite Voice Control

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Commander Joe has been working on a voice recognition command system.


It uses the Windows 7 built-in voice recognition and the glovePIE interface.


  • V8: Tactical knows about the nature of IFF scanner targets, trader knows about all trade items and offers guidance with clearer/better responses, weapons knows about lasers, references to captain changed to commander, bug fixes and improved phrases here and there.
  • V7: The trader crewman having knowledge of each commodity.
  • V6: Features "computer,what can I say" with much clearer sounds, each officer station now has character, more equivalents have been added, added the ability to converse with your crew.
  • V5: Added more commands and bug fixed / refined the experience, fuel injectors now have variable burn request times, the engineer does more and speaks back.
  • V4: Added spoken feedback, list the commands with "what can i say?"


Use the glovePIE script posted here (2012)