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Prototype: Object
Subtypes: none

The Sound class represents sound files. A Sound can be played through a SoundSource. Sound also provides methods to start and stop music.



name : String (read-only)

The file name of the sound file.


This property was added in Oolite test release 1.85.

musicSoundSource : Music source source object

Returns the Music source source object for this sound/music file.

Static methods


function load(soundFile : String)

Loads a sound file, and returns the resulting Sound object. soundFile may be either a file name or a customsounds.plist key in square brackets.


function playMusic(soundFile : String [, loop: Boolean [, volumeGain: Float])

Play the specified music file, optionally looped. This may have no effect depending on the player’s music settings.

The optional volumeGain parameter (added in Oolite 1.85) must be between 0.0 and 1.0 (where 1.0 is the loudest possible setting, and the default), and is relative to the master gain value.


function stopMusic([soundFile : String])

Stop music. If a name is specified, the music will only be stopped if that’s the name of the currently playing music. For example, if you start some music with Sound.playMusic("myoxp-exciting-music.ogg") and later want to stop it, call Sound.stopMusic("myoxp-exciting-music.ogg") to avoid stopping any other music that may have taken over in the meanwhile.