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Okti joined the community back in 2010 and still occasionally lurks in the wings! Many of his oxp's were tarred as being cheats at the time. But, as with all oxp's, nobody was forced to use any of them! Some of his "cheats" are incredibly useful for .oxp developers and testers, though. And some of these were brilliant, were taken up by Phkb, polished and expanded, and put on the in-game Expansions Manager.


On the in-game Expansions Manager

Phkb's polished and expanded versions


  • Colonization - massive dockable which you can fly through (also listed in Dockables, above)
  • Coyote's Run - did the tough programming to get Cody's novel transmogrified into an OXP.

Okti's BoxCN collection (2011-12)

SafeJumps warns if target system's sun has gone nova
Galaxy Info forerunner of Phkb's GalCop Galactic Registry & see BB thread here
Primable Laser - adds a second primable fore-laser for clobbering the McNasties with! From the early days when player ships could only have the one forwards laser.
Autoskim for automatic sunskimming
PirateEBomb: - cheat - kills every pirate in the system and then calls you a cheat!
Long Range Scanner - cheat - see everything in the star system
CargoScanner: Since updated by Timer and now on the Expansions Manager as Cargo Scanner OXP
OresratiChallenge: For getting to Sector8/Oresrati
Pylon-based Equipment Remover Since rewritten by Phkb and now on the Expansions Manager as Remove Individual Pylon.
Target Tracker - cheat - an infallible tracker for laser targets!
Miner Pod OXP
OneWayTicket2Oresrati mentioned here. For getting to Sector8/Oresrati
LinkG7 Links to the lost part of G7 (some two dozen systems in the bottom left corner of the map). For navigating The Great Rift
Note this issue and the solution: (Problem, 2019)


  • Cheating - essay on the different views on this