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Oolite Rankings
Harmless 0
Mostly Harmless 8
Poor 16
Average 32
Above Average 64
Competent 128
Dangerous 512
Deadly 2560
Elite 6400

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The idea behind level indicators is to give players a quick overview about the difficulties they have to expect when installing (and using) an OXP. In particular, new Commanders will need this additional information to decide if a OXP is maybe a bit too tough or could change the game too much for them to become familiar with Oolite itself. The indicator should be chosen based on the strongest aspect and it's up to the OXPer/Editor to choose it carefully.

Difficulty ratings

Level 0


Indicates that a OXP doesn't use ships that are stronger than native Oolite ships or alter Oolite in a way that makes it harder for a player.

This indicator is suitable for texture-, planet- or sound- packs, eye-candy OXPs and OXPs that are meant as a helper without behaviour changing elements.

Level 1


Indicates that a OXP adds or alters aspects of the game a little bit, e.g. reduces the ambient lighting level or gives NPCs weapons from native Oolite.

This indicator is suitable for planetpacks and ship-OXPs that are adding e.g. rearlasers for NPCs.

Level 2


Indicates that a OXP alters Oolite or adds a few more opponents, but stays generally within Oolite's own difficulty.

This indicator is suitable for missions for beginners and ships that have only a few aspects over Oolite's own range.

Level 3


Indicates that a OXP adds a bit stronger opponents or alters Oolite in a way to make it harder for the player.

This indicator is suitable for above average rated commanders.

Level 4


Indicates that a OXP adds ... or alters Oolite...

This indicator is suitable for competent rated commanders.

Level 5


Indicates that a OXP adds ... or alters Oolite...

This indicator is suitable for dangerous rated commanders.

Level 6


Indicates that a OXP adds ... or alters Oolite...

This indicator is suitable for pretty difficult mission- or ship-OXPs that need deadly or elite rated commanders.

Mix and match:

Does not seem to change colour bar!

Levels 0-3


Levels 5-6




To use the indicators on a OXP page simply use the related template {{OXPLevel|0|4}}. The first parameter is the indicator for the used minumum difficulty or the starting condition, the second (optional) parameter indicates the maximum difficulty. So you can use e.g. {{OXPLevel|1}} as well.

A partial list of oxp's ranked in this way can be found on OXP by level indicated