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The following table contains OXPs that are not relevant for Oolite 1.75 anymore. They served their purpose in the past, some are only a memory of what was.

Do not download and install these OXPs. They do not work!


OXP Name and Brief Summary (keep length to that of existing entries or less)




Misc External Views added better outside views to all the Classic Elite Ships for Oolite versions prior to 1.70 Commander McLane Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-02-13
Misc JavaScript test : scripting Oolite with JavaScript - JavaScript scripting Ahruman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2007-04-03
Systems Realistic Shipyards was a complete overhaul of Oolite's shipyards, ships and ship roles system. Lestradae Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-06-26
Misc Shady Billboards was a shader demo for Oolite 1.69 to 1.71 that displays adverts from Your Ad Here! on animated billboard. Ahruman Oolite-gov-multigov.png 2008-10-22