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This tool gives you the ability to configure several oxps. It changes internal (local) settings of the oxps to enable (or disable) logging or audio functions and special settings to reckognize errors or to avoid clashes, but it is for sure no cheat-tool. The oxps have to support these functions too - to be implemented in the data-base - so not every oxp can be included.

This oxp runs without the debug-console and is primarily meant for non-scripters, but if you really need debug-options it is highly recommended to install the Debug.oxp (written by Ahruman) and if necessary the console (written by Ahruman and ported to Windows by Kaks).


Dock at a station, open the Options-Menue (F2), then step to the Gameoptions (where you can change Oolites options). Wait till you get a message that the OXPConfig is activated and step directly to the SYSTEM_DATA_SCREEN (F7).

To deactivate it step to an other screen.


OXPConfig1.00.zip (9KB). This OXP requires Oolite v1.71-test or higher.