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What are OXPs?

OXP icon

An OXP (Oolite eXpansion Pack) is an enhancement to the game Oolite. Typically, an OXP is downloaded as a ZIP file, which is expanded and placed in Oolite's AddOns folder. On the Mac the OXP is a shown as an application, which takes the form of the icon shown here. On Windows the OXP appears as a normal folder ending ".oxp". An OXP could be a new game object (such as a ship, space station or a moon), a mission, or a combination of several elements. OXPs can use all of the facilities of Oolite, including some that are not used in the standard, unexpanded game. Whatever your OS, you need to move the OXP into Oolite's AddOns folder. Oolite will only read an OXP if you move the .oxp folder (or Application on the Mac) into Oolite's AddOns folder.

Downloading OXPs

On this page you will find download links to all the OXPs. Most OXPs can also be found at The Oolite Satellite Resource Site (Oosat2) or the older Captain Hack OoSat Site (Oosat1).

Please note however that neither of these sites have been updated for a long time, nor will they be. All updating is now done on this page of the Wiki. You should use the link shown on this page to get the latest version of the OXP. For example, the versions of Assassins.oxp, Ionics.oxp, Thargoid Wars.oxp and Spyhunter.oxp on the Captain Hack site are old versions (and contain bugs). The links on this page will take you to the latest versions.

The download will create a .ZIP file. Unzip it and a new folder will appear. Open this folder and you will see a folder ending .oxp and usually a README file. Move the folder ending .oxp into the Oolite AddOns folder. Next time you load up Oolite the new features added by the OXP will be added to the game. Do read the README file, as this will tell you what the OXP does. If you are updating an old version of an OXP on Oolite 1.69.1 onwards, hold down the SHIFT key whilst Oolite loads up for the first time after installing in order to ensure the cache is updated.

Below you will see a table of all the OXPs set out in alphabetical order. The link in the first column will take you to a Wiki Page giving you information on the OXP and a download link. If no Wiki page is currently available for the OXP, the link will take you directly to a download link.

The links in the next column will take you to Wiki Pages giving information on ships or stations added by the OXP. Many of the Mission OXPs will contain lots of other ships, stations or weapons that are not listed here. The Wiki only gives information on the Ships listed in the galaxy wide "Jane's Spacecraft". Many military, criminal and corporate powers do not make information on the craft they build or use available to the galactic public! Below the Main Table is a list of download links to all the OXPs broken down by category.

Table of all OXPs

Information / Download Ships Stations Short Description
Aegidian's Specials Mussurana

Asp Mk II Special

Ships. The powerful Mussurana and an improved Asp.
Aegidian's X-Ships Python ET Special

Cobra Mk II


Ships. An improved Python, the experimental Cobra Mk II and the fearsome Taipan.
Amiga Replacement Sounds Sound Set, based on the sound set used in the Amiga version of the original Elite.
Anarchies V 1.0 (new) Hacker Viper

Salvager Phoenix

Salvager Tugger

Hacker Outpost

Salvage Gang

Sentinel Station

Renegade Station

Feature/Ships/Stations. Complete overhaul of Oolite's legal rating system. It gets harder to become clean again. But there are some new ways to achieve this as well: Hacker Outposts can be found in the higher tech Anarchy systems, the criminals willing to clear a fugitive's legal record. For a price of course! Salvage Gangs are spread all over the Ooniverse, providing good equipment deals. Those in Anarchy systems offer a service similar to the Hacker Outposts as well. Sentinel Stations are placed in some of the worst Anarchies. But beware! Some of them have been overthrown by the pirates and are now Renegade Stations. Good news for the pirates among the players, because these are as close to a safe-haven for you as it gets! All of these also feature their own ships.
Aphid Escort Service Ships. Adds the stylish Aphid escort service.
Armoured Transport Type 1 Gaundlet Armoured Transport Type 1

Gaundlet Armoured Escort Viper

Ships. Convoys of well armed craft ferry gold and other valuables through the space lanes. Only a pirate with an Iron Ass would dream of attempting a robbery!
Assassins Guild V1.3 (Updated) Deamon Cruiser



Scorpion Frigate

Navy Station Missions / Ships / Stations / Planets. 21 missions involving murder to order in Galaxy 7, available to experienced Commanders amoral enough to gain admittance to the sinister Assassins Guild. Updated from the versions on Oosat1 & Oosat2.
Asteroid Storm V3.45 (new) Feature / Mission. Adds lots of different types of Asteroids to the Universe. A Mission is also included, well suited to a novice Commander. A well known station in Galaxy 1 comes under threat from a large asteroid strike. Updated from the version on Oosat2.
Bandersnatch Bandersnatch Ships. Adds a pirate capital vessel armed with plasma turrets.
Bank of the Black Monks Black Monk Gunship Black Monk Monastary Feature / Mission. Monks aboard well armed stations appear in advanced systems. Loans are offered, defaulters will be exterminated! Updated from the version on Oosat2.
Behemoth Behemoth Ships. Adds a dockable Navy Cruiser. Updated from the version on Oosat1.
Behemoth Spacewar Patch. Adds intelligenge to the Behemoth and brings a combat with thargoids
Boomslang Boomslang Ships. Adds a mid-range multi-role ship. Used by pirates and traders alike.
Capisastra Capisastra Defender

Capisastra Hauler

Capisastra Warrior

Ships. Capisatra pirates appear in Galaxy 4. More Information.
Cargo & Wrecks V1.3.1 (Updated) Cargo. Adds lots of different types of cargo canisters.
Clear Skies Utility. Reduces nebula effects. Handy if your system is finding it hard to run Oolite.
Cobra 3.5 (chopped Cobra) Cobra Mk 3.5 Ships. A slightly faster and tougher variation on the Classic Cobra Mk III, at the price of a reduced cargo bay.
Cobra Clipper SAR Cobra Clipper SAR Ships. A custom Cobra Mk III to rescue stranded Commanders.
Cobra Mk III Njx Cobra III NjX Ships. A faster, tougher variation on the Classic Cobra Mk III.
Commies Ray Mk I

Giant Ray

Mining Pods

Scavenger Rays

Sturgeon Mk I

Worker's Commuter

Astro Mines

Collective Zero-G Factory

Solar Laboratory and Production Unit

Ships / Stations. Commie systems have their own police forces, transports, stations and miners.
Compact HUD Alternative HUD.
Condor Condor Ships. A very powerful police and Navy Cruiser.
Custom Sounds Sound Set. The largest of the currently available sound sets, this pack replaces or adds over 40 sounds, featuring additional music and extensive use of a calm female computer voice to warn the Commander of alarming events.
Dark Wheel Cobra -

(alternative lo-end version)

Dark Wheel Cobra Ships. A custom Cobra Mk III model, as seen on the cover of the Elite Manual.
Deposed 1.3.2 (new) Mission. A series of missions set in Galaxy 4 for an experienced Commander. This version is now mission offering compatible with other OXP's.
Diso Navy Station Planets / Stations. Extra planets and stations are added to the Diso system in Galaxy 1.
Dr HUD Cobra Mk III version, Custom version Alternative HUD.
Deep Space Dredger Sabre Deep Space Dredger Ships / Stations. Adds dockable Space Dredgers to the space lanes, defended by a squad of Saber fighters.
Dictators Imperial Censor

Imperial Freighter

Imperial Lictor

Imperial Quaestor

Imperial Tanker

Junta Enforcer

Revolutionary Guard

Imperial AstroFactory Ships / Stations. Dictatorship systems gain their own police forces, supply craft and stations.
Eagle Mk II Eagle Mk II Ships. Adds the Eagle Long Range Fighter in several versions.
ETT Homing Beacon Equipment. Mark a position in space by deploying a pylon mounted beacon.
Executive Spaceways Delta Long-Range Escort

Gemini Escort

Starseeker Personal Shuttle

Strelka Cruise Liner

Trident Executive Shuttle

Ships. Adds the Executive SpaceWays fleet of ships. Commanders may consult the Executive SpaceWays Sales Brochure for further details.
External Views Utility. Adds better outside views to all the Classic Elite Ships. Warning: Do not use with Oolite 1.70 and above! From Oolite 1.70 onwards improved outside views have been added to the game itself, so you don't need this OXP anymore. Just throw it away.
Far Star Far Star Murderer Ships. A mid-range fighter / trader, with a fair sized cargo bay.
Farsun v1.03 Utility. Places suns further away from the planet than standard Oolite. Now fully compatible with the Nova mission.
Fer de Lance NG Ships. Adds a more powerful version of the Fer de Lance with several custom paint jobs.
Ferdepai Ferdepai Ships. Adds a new fighter / trader to Galaxy 2.
Fighter HUD Alternative HUD.
Firewasp Firewasp Ships. A fast interceptor.
Freaky Thargoids Shader example, requires Oolite 1.69. With this OXP installed, Thargoids will use the new Shaders.
Free Trade Zone Free Trade Zone Stations. Adds an independent trading post of dubious legality to Multi-Government systems.
Frog Space Rickshaw Frog Space Rickshaw Ships. Adds a chatty space taxi service to the safer systems.
Fuel Tank Fuel Tank Equipment. Mounts in place of a missile, to top up 3 light years of fuel.
Galactic Navy Navy Frigate

Navy Medical Ship

Navy Minesweeper

Navy Transport

Navy Sector Command Station Ships and Stations. A selection of ships and space stations that adds to the already formidible arsenal of the Galactic Navy. Allows commanders to join the Navy Reserves. Requires the Behemoth OXP.
Generation Ships Ships. The mythical Generation Ships appear from time to time.
Globe Station Globe Station Stations. A new type of station appears at advanced systems.
Greek Ships Penelope Class Freighter

Telemachus Class Escort

Ulysses Class Interceptor

Ships. A large trade ship and escorts. Sometimes also used by pirates.
Griffin Mk.II Griffin Two Ships. Adds the Griffin Mk II from Frontier.
Gritty Coriolis Stations. The Corolis Station gets a more detailed texture.
Hal's Hot Sister Sound Set, featuring a female cockpit voice.
Hatchling Boyracers Boy Racer Ships. The talkative (and often insulting) Boyracers appear in the more advanced systems.
Herald Herald Military Gunboat Ships. A powerful police and Navy interceptor.
Hognose Tugships Hognose Ships. The chatty tug ships can be seen towing broken down ships.
HoOpy Casino HoOpy Casino Stations. HoOpy Casinos appear near the station in advanced systems. Commanders who chose to dock can win or lose credits in games of chance.
Hotrods v0.52c Ships. Classic Elite Ships appear with custom paint jobs. Includes also a large number of custom and standard racing vehicles and a spacegang in tiger-getup that doesn't like the player. A rework, and a new name, for Custom Paints & Racers. Replaces Custom Paint Jobs
Hyperradio v1.04 This device gives you the ability to listen to your own music. 3 different versions available. (Updated 22.04.2008)
Icarus Icarus Ships. Adds the Icarus Light Trader from Seldar Shipyards. A small fighter / trader based on blueprints from the lost Solice system.
Illicit Unlock Utility. Allows the player to fly all the Classic Elite Ships.
Imperial Courier Imperial Courier Ships. The powerful Imperial Courier from Frontier, constructed by Seldar Shipyards. Updated from the version on Oosat1.
Ionics Ionics Funnelweb

Ionics Huntsman

Ionics Redback

Ionics Whitetail

Mission. A series of missions set in Galaxy 2 featuring the Ionics Company of Zaria. More Information here. Updated from the version on Oosat1. Make sure you use this version, as the version on Oosat1 has a bug making one of the missions impossible to complete!
Ixian Omnibus Ixian Battle Cruiser

Ixian Bezerka

Ixian Freighter Mk I

Ixian Gunship

Ixian No-Ship Mk I

Ships. A set of ships from Dune. Used by pirates and traders alike.
Jabberwocky Ships. Adds the powerful Jabberwocky fighter / trader.
JavaScript test JavaScript scripting example, requires Oolite 1.68.
Kestrel&Falcon v1.70.1 Kestrel


Ships. Adds a powerful Star Wars style Falcon, used by pirates and traders alike, and an interceptor used by the Police and Navy. Both models are also available on the open market. Improved from the older Kestrel.oxp and Falcon.oxp models, still avaiable from the Benulobiweed main dowload area.
Klepto-HUD Alternative HUD.
Lane Legal Racers Krait



Ships. Adds NPC versions of ships from different racing teams.
Lave v1.70 Planets. Gives the Lave System a make-over adding all the features described in The Dark Wheel novella included with the original Elite.
Llama Llama Ships. Adds the Llama fighter / trader. Updated from the version of Oosat1 to fix a small bug.
Localhero v1.04 Mission. Adds a mission campaign in the first galaxies. (Updated 01.04.2008)
Long Way Around Mission. A transport mission well suited to the novice in Galaxy 1.
Longshot Longshot Ships. Adds the Longshot fighter / trader, regarded by many as a cheaper alternative to the Cobra Mk III.
Lovecats 1.1 (new) Mission. Love and betrayal amongst the feline races of Galaxy 4. A fast ship, fuel injectors, fuel scoops and a hard heart are advised before you tangle with these cats! Version 1.1 missionclash proof.
M-Pack (rusties) Ships. Adds rusty versions of all the Classic Elite ships. Bargain basement prices, although these old bangers are in a poor condition compared to a brand new model. Engines may be worn out reducing maximum speeds and shield generators are frequently held together with duck-tape. When you try to trade one of these old rust buckets in at the shipyards, you may also find that the trade-in value is reduced. None the less, they are cheap and can still haul cargo between the stars.
Manta Manta Ships. Adds the Manta light escort craft.
Marett Space Corporation Adder Mk II

Mosquito Trader

Mosquito Sport

Ships. A collection of fighters and medium traders from Marett Space Corps.
Mega-Walnut Dashboard Alternative HUD.
Merlin Merlin Ships. An interceptor used by the Police and Navy, but also available on the open market.
MildAudio Sound Set.
Military Basilisk



Rattle Cutter

Wolf Mk II Paragon

Mission. A mission for the Navy available to a Commander with more than 1,000 kills. Also equips the Navy with powerful cruisers. Version 2.0 is updated version of the Military OXP over the version on Oosat2. Use this one, as the old version can clash with other Mission OXPs. You must also use the Updated version of Murgh's X-Ships to play this OXP.
Military Station Military Station Stations. Well armed Military Stations appear in the more advanced systems.
Military Stingray Stingray Ships. Adds the Military Stingray to the GalCop Navy fleet. Second hand versions are sometimes available on the open market.
Milspec HUD Alternative HUD.
Missiles & Bombs Equipment. Adds the Cascade stand-off missile, Multiple-warhead anti-Thargoid missile, Frag Mine, Frag Missile, EMP Missile and short-range defence missile to the game. The new weapons are available to the player and NPCs alike.
Missionaries Happy Eye Pulpit Pod Ships. Clerics of four faiths are added to the Universe, spamming Commanders with requests to worship their Gods.
Monument Feature. A monument to famous Commanders can sometimes be seen near the Sun.
Morrigan Ships. Adds a vast trade ship to the Universe.
Murgh's Replacement Sounds Sound Set.
Murgh's X-Ships Bandy-Bandy


Eel Rapier

Ships. A fast courier craft and two light escort ships are added. Updated from the version on Oosat1. You MUST use this version for the Military Fiasco Mission to run properly!
Navy Starships Ships. Arms the Navy with powerful cruisers including a docakable Star Trek style Starship.
New Ships Hamadryad




Ships. Adds a variety of mining and trade ships seen in previous versions of Elite.
NG HUD Alternative HUD.
Nu Vipers GalCop Viper Mark II

GalCop Viper Cruiser

Ships. Increases the types of Viper patrol ships appearing in the space lanes and defending Stations.
Nuclear Torpedo Equipment. Adds a powerful, but slow moving, missile.
Old Ships Bushmaster Miner

Cat (Cougar)







Ships. A collection of ships from ArcElite and Elite-A.
Oo-Haul L-Crate Hauler Mission. Vast corporate bulk haulers can be seen in the space lanes. Commanders with a respectable Elite rating who chose to dock with a Pi-42 base may also be offered missions to escort one of these haulers safely to its destination. You must also install the Your Ad Here! OXP for this OXP to work properly.
Oolite Italiano v1.0 Miscellaneous. First ever Oolite localization OXP. Requires Oolite v1.71 or later.
Orb Orb Ships. Adds a new alien race, which may (or may not) help GalCop in the battle against the Thargoids.
Ore Processor Equipment. When mounted to a ships fuel scoop systems extracts valuable materials from asteroid fragments. A must for any Commander working as a miner.
Outrider Outrider Ships. A medium fighter produced by the Taranis Corporation.
Pallas Pallas Ships. A fast but lightly shielded fighter.
Pelamis Pelamis Ships. Adds the Pelamis trade ship.
Phoenix Phoenix Ships. A strange ship, built from salvaged parts from various Serpent Class ships.
Pirate Coves Mission. Some rock hermits in the more dangerous systems have been taken over by pirates. Traders coming too close are likely to be assaulted by scrambled pirates keen to relive them of their cargo.
Pirate Traps Feature. To combat piracy GalCop sometimes deploys dummies of trade ships. Pirates who fire on them have their details transmitted to the police and face large fines.
Pteradyne Technologies Ships - (bug fix) Excalibur


Ships. A powerful combat ship, the Excalibur is offered for sale on the open market. The Paladin is the even tougher Military version, although sometimes these ships fall into the wrong hands.
Python Class Cruiser Python Class Cruiser Ships. A large powerful trade ship, which can also hold its own in battle.
Python Class Cruiser version 2.6 As above, but features Shaders. Shaders require Oolite 1.69 or later.
Racers Chicaneer Mk II

Chicaneer Mk IV

Dragster Mk I

Dragster Mk II

Ships. Adds dedicated racing ships to the Universe. Although very fast, these ships are pure racers with no cargo bays and light shields. The focus on pure speed make them ill-suited to combat or trading roles.
Racing Rings Feature. Adds Racing Rings to the Galaxy 1 systems of Lave and Zanoce. Fly through the rings in order and completing the race circuit will transmit the competitors time.
Random Hits Version 1.1 (Updated) Classified. Space Bar Missions / Ships / Stations / Feature. Adds Seedy Space Bars to the space lanes of all Anarchy Systems. Commanders who chose to dock with one can view a Bulletin Board displaying details of the local Galaxies Most Wanted Criminals. Large bounties are paid for killing or capturing one of these offenders. Missions are procedurally generated using a database of over 30,000 words creating over one trillion different Bulletin Board Advertisements. Missions are therefore effectively never-ending. This OXP requires Version 1.70 of Oolite or higher.
Realistic Shipyards All in-game ships modified in price & tech level availability.


Thargoid Warship (Stolen)

Condor Flagship

Deep Space Dredger

Interstellar Explorer

Black Monk Gunship

Navy Juggernaut

All shipyards modified.

Special Interstellar Repairs- & Shipyard Facility

Shipyards / Feature / Customisation / Ships and Ship Variants. Produces consistent ship prices & tech levels for ALL ships available in Oolite (strict and oxps). Offers diverse alternate beginnings for newbies due to better ship availability. Enhances game balance & strategic elements concerning ships. Contains a creative solution to the Uber-ship problem. Only fully functional with Version 1.71 of Oolite.

Three different Editions for different tastes & levels of immersion exist for this oxp: Strict, Standard & Ultimate

  • Coming soon: The Realistic Shipyards Strict Edition (~77kB) exclusively changes ship pricing & tech level availability span for ALL ships available in Oolite (strict and OXPs), but without adding any additional features beyond that by itself.
  • Coming soon: The Realistic Shipyards Standard Edition (~2.6MB) does the same as the Strict Edition, but also adds the seven cool new ships for veteran players and a new high-tech equipment & shipyards facility visible to the left. (The experimental Constrictor is dependent on the Illicit Unlock oxp in all but the Ultimate Edition).
  • Coming soon: The Realistic Shipyards Ultimate Edition (~90MB) does everything the Standard Edition does. In addition, it retextures all strict mode ships with Sung`s complete high-res textures set and has been merged with 73 (!) additional ship oxps (which were created by other authors, and merged under the Creative Commons license), adding hundreds of additional NPC & player ships to the game!

All Realistic Shipyards Editions contain a complete ship stats databank for ALL buyable ships of strict mode and ALL oxp ships available.

Remorse of Conscience Remorse Of Conscience Ships. A trade ship with a large hold, that can hold its own in combat. A good upgrade from the Cobra Mk III.
Renegade Pirates Renegade Pirates Ships / Feature. Adds rare very well armed pirate versions of Classic Elite ships to the more lawless systems. These pirates carry high bounties, but their multiple lasers and plasma cannons will make mince-meat of a young Jameson. Do not install this OXP until you have an Iron Ass!
Renegade Viper + Grass Snake Renegade Viper

Grass Snake

Ships. Sometimes even GalCops are victims of crime, finding their Vipers stolen from the docking berth. The joy-rider gives the stolen Viper a new lick of paint and joins a pirate fleet. Large bounties are paid for ridding the space lanes of these thieves. The Grass Snake is a trade ship with a large hold, often used by pirates.
Rock Hermit Locator 1.2 Rock Hermit Locator Equipment. The Rock Hermit Locator is a piece of equipment for your ship to locate Rock Hermits.. Usefull for miners and Traders.. You need to allready have bought the advanced space compas that works in tandem with the RTL ("Rock Hermit Locator").
Saleza Aeronautics Bellatrix Cruiser

Rigel Bomber

Saiph Interceptor

Ships / Feature. High Tech Corporate States gain their own patrol craft. Some of these ships are also available on the open market.
Santa - (alternative lo-end version) Ships. Just for fun adds a (very rare) Santa Sledge to the space lanes escorted by plasma gun toting reindeer space bikers!
Scourge of the Black Baron v1.70 Mission. A sequel to the Long Way Around mission, featuring combat and transport missions. Well suited to a relative novice in Galaxy 1.
Selezen's S-Ships GalCop SWAT Viper

Oresrian Trader

Ships. In response to increasing piracy GalCop has introduced the SWAT Viper, a beefed up version of the standard Viper. Also adds the peaceful Oresrian Trader.
Shady Cobra Ships. A Shader example (requires Oolite 1.69 or later). Replaces the normal model for the Cobra Mk III with one featuring the new Shaders.
Skrounk All-Stars Limited All Stars Large Freighter

Seymour Class Sled

Starbelly Class Sled

Star Hawk

Starwolf Mk I

Ships. A set of ships featuring a large trade ship and a variety of fighters and escorts.
Snark Ships. The Snark is a powerful fighter / trader, often used by pirates and bounty hunters.
Spearhead Interceptor Mk.I Ships. A pure fighter, fast and nippy but with a weak shield, no cargo bay and can be a twitchy bird to fly. Often used as an escort or part of a pirate fleet acting in a hit an run role.
Spy Hunter Mission. A mission for the Galactic Navy available to a Commander with a rating of 'Dangerous' or above. Spys from the Empire sometimes infiltrate GalCop space. Commanders wishing to volunteer for hunting duties should visit the Navy base at Inines in Galaxy 1.
Star Wars Ships A-Wing


Lambda Shuttle





Ships. Adds a set of ships from the Star Wars Universe to Oolite. Tie Fighters are occasionally used by GalCop to support Viper patrols, but all ships are available on the open market and may be used by traders, pirates and bounty hunters alike.
Sung's Detailed Textures Replacement textures for all Classic Elite Ships. The Link will take you to the author's web-site where you can download them.
Sunskimmers Feature. Normally in Oolite ships tend to stick to the space lanes and so are rarely encountered on the way to the Sun. This OXP adds ships to the sun / planet corridor increasing the chance of meeting other ships whilst sun-skimming.
Supercobra SuperCobra Ships. The awesome Super Cobra. A beefed up version of the Cobra Mk III featuring larger engines, more cargo space and stronger shields.
Swift Swift Ships. As the name implies, a very fast ship often used by pirates or bounty hunters. Although fast, cargo space is limited and the shield is nominal.
Taranis Corporation HQ Taranis Corporation HQ Mission. Adds the vast orbital Taranis Corporation HQ to the Lerelace system in Galaxy 1. A mission is also available for law abiding Commanders with a rating of Competent or better. You must also have the Outrider OXP installed for this OXP to work properly.
Teretrurus Mk.I Teretrurus MK.I Ships. A medium fighter / trader somewhat faster and tougher than the Cobra Mk III, but with a smaller cargo bay.
Terrapin Trader Terrapin Ships. A medium fighter / trader. A good upgrade from the Cobra Mk III.
Tesoura Tesoura Ships. A slow, but well shielded trade ship.
Thargoid Carrier Thargoid Carrier Ships. Arms the Thargoids with a vast carrier capital vessel. Many OXPs increase the fire-power available to the GalCop Navy. If you chose to play with these OXPs installed, then you should really give the Bugs a chance and allow them access to this mighty craft!
Thargoid Wars V4.2 (Updated) Mission. War with the Thargoids intensifies featuring new attack and defense missions. To avoid young Jamesons being out-gunned, the OXP missions will run in all Galaxies except Galaxy 1. Updated from the version on Oosat1. It is important that you use the updated version as the old version will clash with many other missions.
Thargorn Threat v1.1 (updated) Terroriser Frigate

Thargoid Thargorn Battleship

Thargoid Thorgon Cruiser

Ships. Redresses the game imbalance caused by the number of OXPs arming the Navy with warships. These Thargoid carft are very powerful and re-establish the Thargoid's place as a threat to mankind. Best played with the Behemoth OXP installed, for epic space battles.
Tianve Pulsar Navy Station Planets / Stations. Adds a pulsar to the Galaxy 1 system of Tianve. A Station orbits the pulsar and fleets of pleasure liners can be seen taking tourists on flights around the pulsar.
Tiger Tiger Mark I Ships. A truly awesome (and very expensive) multi-role craft.
Tionisla Orbital Graveyard Feature. Adds the graveyard to the Galaxy 1 system of Tionisla, as described in the Dark Wheel. Long dead Commanders are buried in their rusting ships amongst monuments, Stars of David, Crucifixes and other religious symbols. Security patrols will make short work of any Commander foolish enough to desecrate the tombs.
Torus Station Torus Station Stations. Adds a vast 2001 style space station to very high tech level systems.
Trans-Hab Station Transhab Station Stations. Adds a large station with rotating arms to some medium tech level systems.
Transports v2.45 CoachWhip



Ships. Adds more variety to the game. Passenger liners can be seen in the space lanes of the safer systems transporting paying customers to their destinations. Also features Moray Transporters and Large Woma fuel tankers to bring much needed supplies and fuel to space stations.

Trident Down Mission. A series of missions set in Galaxy 4 involving the investigation of a vicious attack on an Trident Shuttle operated by Executive SpaceWays.
U.P.S. Courier Mission / Feature. The UPS Courier service will randomly offer Commanders the option of taking goods or documents from system to system. Some say experienced Couriers may also be offered combat missions.

Urutu Mk.III Urutu Mk III Ships. A medium fighter / trader from Elite-A.
Urutu Mk.IV Urutu Mk IV Ships. A medium fighter / trader from Elite-A.
Vampire Vampire Ships. Adds the Purgatori Vampire series of combat ships. A strong combat ship in numerous different versions and paint-jobs. A Military version is used by the police, but several civilian versions of the ship are also available on the open market. Clicking the download link will take you to the sales broacher, where you can inspect further particulars and download the OXP.
Velocity Ships. A fast fighter ship.
Weeviloid Weeviloid Hunter

Weeviloid Scoutship

Ships. The scout-ship is a light trade ship. The hunter is a fearsome multi-gunned war ship. Little is known about the Weeviloids and many Commanders meeting them have found them hostile.
Wiggy's Replacement Sounds Sound Set.
Wolf Mk.II Wolf Mk II Ships. Adds the powerful Wolf Mk II, as seen in Elite-A.
Wolfwood's Variants v1.5 Asp Mk I

Cobra Courier

Cobra Rapier


Drake Mk II

Wolf Mk I

Ships. A large selection of traders and fighters based on models seen in Classic versions of Elite. The ships strive to be on the same level with original ships and not too powerful in comparison to them. Tested on Oolite v1.70.
Xaotik's Replacement Sounds Sound Set.
Your Ad Here! v3.0) Pi-42

Tescoo Oxpress

Feature. This OXP adds a lot of variety to the Universe. Witch-point and navigation beacons are replaced with giant bill boards displaying adverts. The updated Version 3.0 edition features 200 different adverts. The OXP also adds the Pi-42 and Tescoo Oxpress dockable bases to the space lanes of most systems with a large population.
Your Ad Here! Set E) Sainsboory's Feature. Witch-point and navigation beacons are replaced with giant bill boards displaying adverts. This OXP adds an additional 50 ads. The OXP also adds the Sainsboory's dockable bases to the space lanes of most systems with a large population if Your Ad Here! v3.0 is installed.

All OXPs by Category

Sound Sets

Amiga Replament Sounds
Custom Sounds
Hal's Hot Sister (female cockpit voice)
Murgh's Replacement Sounds
Wiggy's Replacement Sounds
Xaotik's Replacement Sounds

Alternative HUDs

Compact HUD
Dr HUD Cobra Mk.III version, Custom version
Mega-Walnut Dashboard
Fighter HUD
Milspec HUD

HUD images here

Dockable Objects

Anarchies V 1.0 (new)
Assassins Guild V1.3
Bank of the Black Monks
Deep Space Dredger
Free Trade Zone
Globe Station
Gritty Coriolis
HoOpy Casino
Military Station
Realistic Shipyards - All three Editions
Random Hits Version 1.1
Torus Station
Trans-Hab Station
Taranis Corporation HQ

More information on the Stations appearing in Oolite can be found here.

Customisations by Government (or Tech Level)

Anarchies V 1.0 (new)
Random Hits Version 1.1
Realistic Shipyards - All three Editions

Other System Objects

Lave v1.70
Pirate Coves
Pirate Traps
Tianve Pulsar
Tionisla Orbital Graveyard
Your Ad Here! v3.0
Your Ad Here! Set E


Assassins Guild V1.3
Asteroid Storm V3.44 (new)
Deposed 1.3.2 (new)
Ionics v.1.2.1
Localhero v1.04  (Updated 01.04.2008)
Long Way Around
Lovecats 1.1 (new)
Military Fiasco V2.2
Random Hits Version 1.1
Taranis Corporation HQ
Thargoid Wars V4.2
Trident Down
Scourge of the Black Baron v1.70
Spy Hunter
U.P.S. Courier

More information on the numerous Oolite Missions can be found here.

Ship Systems

ETT Homing Beacon
External Views
Fuel Tank
Missiles & Bombs
Nuclear Torpedo
Ore Processor
Rock Hermit Locator 1.2

Ships and Ship Variants

Aegidian's Specials
Aegidian's X-Ships
Anarchies V 1.0 (new)
Aphid Escort Service
Armoured Transport Type 1
Cargo & Wrecks V1.3.1
Clear Skies
Cobra 3.5 (chopped Cobra)
Cobra Clipper SAR
Cobra Mk.III Njx
Custom Paint Jobs
Dark Wheel Cobra - (alternative lo-end version)
Eagle Mk.II
ETT Homing Beacon
Executive Spaceways
Far Star
Fer de Lance NG
Freaky Thargoids (shader example, requires Oolite 1.69)
Frog Space Rickshaw
Galactic Navy
Generation Ships
Greek Ships
Griffin Mk.II
Hatchling Boyracers
Hognose Tugships
Hotrods v0.52c
Illicit Unlock
Imperial Courier
Ixian Omnubus
Kestrel&Falcon v1.70.1
Lane Legal Racers
M-Pack (rusties)
Marett Space Corporation
Murgh's X-Ships
Navy Starships
New Ships
Nu Vipers
Old Ships
Pteradyne Technologies Ships - (bug fix)
Python Class Cruiser
Python Class Cruiser version 2.6 (Includes shaders which require Oolite 1.69 or later)
Racing Rings
Realistic Shipyards - All three Editions
Remorse of Conscience
Renegade Pirates (Wait until you have an Iron Ass before installing this OXP!)
Renegade Viper + Grass Snake
Saleza Aeronautics
Santa - (alternative lo-end version)
Selezen's S-Ships
Shady Cobra
Skrounk All-Stars Limited
Spearhead Interceptor Mk.I
Star Wars Ships
Sung's Detailed Textures
Teretrurus Mk.I
Terrapin Trader
Thargoid Carrier
Thargorn Threat v1.1 (updated)
Transports v2.45
Urutu Mk.III
Urutu Mk.IV
Wolf Mk.II
Wolfwood's Variants v1.5

More information on the Ships appearing in Oolite can be found here.

Other objects and miscellaneous eyecandy

Asteroid Storm
Cargo & Wrecks v1.3.1
Farsun v1.03
Hyperradio v1.00 - v1.04  (Updated 22.04.2008)
Oolite Italiano v1.0

Installing an OXP

Unzip the OXP and place it in the folder named AddOns. Sometimes the zipped files contain several folders, make sure you only copy the folder -or file for Macintoshes- ending with .oxp into the AddOns folder. This folder is found in different locations, depending on the platform:

Mac OS X

Found in the folder that contains the Oolite application.

Troubleshooting: If you get an error saying "The item could not be moved because "AddOns" cannot be modified", that can happen if you weren't the user that installed Oolite. The solution is to put the OXP's of your choice in ~/Library/Application Support/Oolite/AddOns/ instead (you may need to create this folder). The error could also be triggered because you’re running from the disk image, you’ll need to copy the game somewhere else. Having done so, if you still get the error, use the Get Info command on the AddOns folder, open the Ownership & Permissions pane and check that it says You Can: Read & Write.


If the game was installed system-wide, it is in /usr/lib/Oolite/AddOns. If it was installed just for the currently logged in user, it will be in the user's home directory, in $HOME/.local/lib/Oolite/AddOns except Debian systems. Debian changes the folder locations to $HOME/.Oolite/Addons., $HOME/Library/Application Support/Oolite/AddOns/ and /usr/lib/GNUstep/System/Applications/AddOns. This, hopefully, solves many a Debian users dilemma of where to put the OXPs.


If the installable package was used (post Jan 06) then the AddOns folder needs to be created in C:\Programs Files\Oolite. Note that this applies if the default installation location is used. If the install location is changed then use the path to the Oolite folder that correspnds to your installation. If the GNUStep dedicated versions (pre-Jan 2006) is used, then the AddOns folder must be created in the oolite.app folder.

After unzipping the file, make sure that it is the OXP folder that put into the AddOns directory - some zipped OXPs can contain a top level folder with a readMe file, and the actual OXP folder is a level further down. If this is the case, move the item with the .oxp extension into the AddOns folder.


If you purchase a ship that is an OXP ship and save the game, you will only be able to load that commander as long as this OXP is installed in AddOns. If it's not, Oolite will give you an error instead of trying to load the commander.

Creating an OXP

It is intended to be easy to create expansion packs. With a few simple tools, a player can make small or big changes, and customize the gaming experience.