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|defenders = GalCop
|defenders = GalCop
|isoxp = OXP
|isoxp = OXP
|beacon = N
*''The following is taken directly from [http://www.purgatori.net/Nuit.htm Isis Interstellars Website]''
*''The following is taken directly from [http://www.purgatori.net/Nuit.htm Isis Interstellars Website]''

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Nuit Space Station OXP

Nuit Space Station
Size (metres, W×H×L) Unknown
Manoeuvrability Pitch: 0.0
Roll: 0.0
Rotating Rings
Energy recharge rate 100
Armaments None
Defenders GalCop
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon N

Isis Interstellar formally announces the availability of their newest creation, the Nuit space station.


Three years ago, GalCop became concerned over a seemingly increasing number of reports involving incidents of collision and damage when large trading ships were attempting to dock or unload at the standard Coriolis or Icosahedron stations. To this end, it was decided that a new station design was needed, one that provided all the features and facilities of the existing stations but was capable of safely accommodating the largest of freighters. Isis Interstellar submitted a tender and was one of the five companies short listed by GalCop to produce a fully working prototype.


The project, known in-house as Project Medusa due to the jellyfish-like profile of the station, began immediately, and saw some significant changes at Isis Interstellar. Firstly, as can be seen above, the proposed size of the station far exceeded our existing shipbuilding abilities, and to that end, Isis Interstellar bought out the galaxy-renowned Faukenhewj Shipyards; specialists in oversize construction. This deal was one of the largest in ship-building history but was considered a strong investment for Isis Interstellar, both to expand our future plans for larger ships and stations, and to remove the availability of Faukenhewj's facilities to our competitors.

The second big change was that Isis Interstellar outsourced cosmetic work to Griff Industries, the first time Isis Interstellar has not been responsible for complete production of their designs. The quality and professionalism exhibited by the renowned Griff Industries on this project led us to a further collaboration on our forthcoming Vampire MkIII fighter.

Early last year, the project was suddenly cancelled by GalCop, amid outrage from both traders and station personnel, and the companies involved in the competition. Two of the companies went bankrupt due to the expenditure they had incurred in production and the resulting scandal is still reverberating amongst political and mercantile factions. Isis Interstellar, backed by the inter-global power of Isis International, was fortunate enough to survive the debacle, and the owner, Ms Gold, made the somewhat risky decision to complete production of the station. After successful space trials, the Nuit was brought online as an opulent, high class space port.


The Nuit station is named after the Egyptian sky goddess. Pronunciation of the name varies on which text you read, but the official in-house version is "Newt". The Nuit station displays all the craftsmanship and reliability that Isis Interstellar has become known for. The topmost section contains the hangar section and main docking area, including an all-new dock. With a full CorCom trading linkage system, the station provides the same full trading and shipyard facilities as a Coriolis. Rumours of a cut-down station, armed and armoured to be a potent gun platform, will not be officially answered by the company.


The counter-rotating rings are the main business and recreation areas. Luxury penthouse apartments, malls, casinos, restaurants, sporting complexes and entertainment areas offer everything from cinema and theatre to zero-grav hockey and shooting ranges. The lower ring houses the "Pharaoh" class apartments, themselves an extremely luxurious standard of housing, but the upper ring caters to the elite of society, with the "Goddess" class apartments. More villa than apartment, these resplendent residences are a status symbol for every owner.


There are twin horticultural domes on the Nuit's base structure. As well as providing fresh produce from the orchards, and aiding in air recycling, the huge parks are a delightful area to relax and play.


Hanging below the main base, are the "tentacles"; the main housing areas of the Nuit station. These offer everything from budget to luxury standards for pilots, visitors, workers or lifelong inhabitants.

The lower struts are designed as safe docking points for oversize freighters. Four mega-ships can be handled at any time, with both loading and unloading handled by purpose-built robots.


Following the unprecedented success of the station, Isis Interstellar has moved to full production status and we are extremely proud to offer these stations for sale.


Interested clients can arrange a visit to the Nuit station by downloading and installing the following oxp: Nuit Station