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Navy Station
Size (metres, W×H×L) 1000 x 1000 x 1000
Manoeuvrability Roll: 8.0
Pitch: 8.0
Rotating Yes
Energy recharge rate 100
Armaments 2 Plasma Turrets
Defenders 8x GalCop
OXP or standard OXP
Beacon Tianave Pulsar: P
Assassins Guild: B


The Navy Station was constructed by the Aegidian Spaceworks subsidiary of Aegidian Industries as a dedicated naval base, enabling the Galactic Navy to maintain an armed presence in certain key systems. The station follows the classical geometric design and bristles with military defenses.

The power-core of the station clearly uses classified technology generating a defense shield more than twice as strong as the standard shield projected by the typical civilian Coriolis station. Additionally two high-power plasma cannons are mounted near the main docking port, enabling gunners to eliminate fugitives attempting a manual docking or Thargoids making a suicide run.

The defense ships docked in the main hangar vary. In the safer systems, the standard GalCop Viper is considered sufficient. However, at stations deployed in particularly important systems the Station is usually defended by a large squad of Navy Class Asps equipped in full Iron Ass configuration.

The most strategically important Navy Stations also feature the latest in defense technology; the ArchAngel Minesweeper Defense Network. A group of satellites orbit the station rendering any attempted Q bomb attack a futile gesture. These high-tech devices target active mines with an EMP burst, frying the mine’s computer circuitry and turning it into useless scrap before it can detonate.

Deployment History

The first Navy Station was deployed in the Galaxy 1 system of Diso in 2987, orbiting Diso-b. Quite why the Navy chose this site for the test deployment is classified, although it is rumored that a research base is situated deep beneath the surface of Diso-b. Later in the same year, a Navy Station was deployed in the Galaxy 7 system of Estiri, orbiting Estiri’s ocean covered moon, Nemean. The Station keeps a protective eye over the judges, prosecutors and witnesses attending the Galactic Supreme Court. The design evidently proved popular with specialist law-enforcement agencies, as in 2989, GalCop Special Branch were issued with a Navy Station to serve as their main base of operations, situated in orbit around the moon Hercules in the Galaxy 7 System of Geteve.

Recently, the Navy seem to have relaxed their attitude to allowing civilian organizations access to military technology. The Tianveian Tourist Board successfully petitioned the Navy for use of a decommissioned and de-armed Navy Station placed in orbit around the Tianve Pulsar.

The advanced shield-generators of the Navy Station were retained, in order to provide protection from the dangerous levels of radiation emitted by the pulsar. The fighter bays were completely removed and converted into luxurious guest quarters, bars and shopping malls for the well-heeled tourists who enjoy sight-seeing tours of the pulsar.


The conditions aboard an operational Navy Station are best described as Spartan, most of the internal structure being taken up with shield generators and hangars for the large number of fighters stationed aboard. The Navy usually permit law-abiding civilian Commanders to dock with their bases, although access is restricted to the docking hangar and Officers Mess. Trading is permitted, the soldiers aboard the station often keen to purchase commodities to supplement the basic rations and non-alcoholic beverages supplied by the Galactic Navy. It is unwise for a trader to argue over price however, the ‘Red Devils’ being known for their commercially persuasive unarmed combat techniques.

At times of heightened security, Navy Stations may be closed to civilian traffic. At these times, warning buoys are deployed cautioning non-military ships not to approach within 25 kilometers. On no account should a Commander disregard these warnings. When a Navy Station is in "lock-down mode", a field of automated defense drones are deployed to spew out numerous HMX5 ECM-Hardened missiles at any ship not transmitting the correct clearance codes.


This station appears in the Assassins Guild OXP, the Diso OXP and the Tianve Pulsar OXP.