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Apologies. I don't understand this one well enough to summarize it precisely.

It is a solution to the masslock problems in Oolite (the current version provides on-board Masslock Compensators which activate, allowing faster travel under certain conditions).

There are 3 pages of discussion and analysis of the 4 versions of this OXP here: BB thread (2018+)

Overview of original Version 1.0

A simple little expansion to make masslocks less time consuming.

It works by recognising two types of masslock:

  • Passive Masslocks - These are how typical masslocks begin: the player is masslocked by an entity that has no wish to delay the player. In game this is the situation during yellow alert.
  • Active Masslocks - This is where an entity actively hinders the player's escape from masslock, typically to engage in combat. In game this is the situation during red alert.
During passive masslocks, the player ship's masslock compensators will be activated granting extra speed (x2) to assist in escaping masslock.
During active masslocks, the same compenstors will be disabled by 'jamming' from enemy vessels.
  • Pros: The slower player ships are less tedious to pilot and masslocks generally are less mind-numbing.
  • Cons: Like the torus drive itself, it's another player-only concession.
  • Rationale: (This is up to the player of course but here's one to consider...)
Assuming (for sake of argument) that non-player ships actually had torus drives, it becomes highly likely that masslocking ships meet one of the following three conditions:
They are heading in the opposite direction
They are slower than the player ship (torus drive based on ship max speed)
They are somehow dawdling or have only just started up their torus drive

Each of these conditions provides (IMHO) a reasonable argument for the player to be travelling faster than the masslocking vessels. So it could further be argued that this oxp creates a simulation of torus-slowing rather than torus-breaking in a way that isn't obviously player centric. A player can be masslocked from behind of course but (for me at least) this is a very rare ocurrance considering that there is typically a good deal of space that the player has already torus-driven through.

There are other conditions in which masslock can occur but they typically don't involve a tedious spacelane 'race' to overtake or evade other vessels.

Future Considerations:

Speed boost could be reduced or increased but x2 seems about right to me
There could be an equipment item to gran a further boost for slower vessels (x3 perhaps)
It could be disabled within the aegis of stations

Meanwhile, if masslocks are getting you down then this little thing should make things much more tolerable without significantly changing gameplay.


  • Author: Redspear
  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Version: 1.4
  • Requires: Oolite v.1.81


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