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* [[Commander Mic's Logbook]], available [http://www.planetmic.com/orbit/felogidx.htm online]
* [[Commander Mic's Logbook]], available [http://www.planetmic.com/orbit/felogidx.htm online]
== Dave Jones ==
* Five issue comic about Commander Jameson, available from the [https://www.frontierastro.co.uk/Comic/comic.html FrontierAstro] site
== Paolo Mariani ==
== Paolo Mariani ==

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A list of all Frontier stories by author.


- A New Start (David Massey)
- When a Plan Works Well (David Massey)
- All that Glisters (David Massey)
- The fiercest creature on Altair (David Massey)
- On the Wrong Side of the Law (David Massey)
- Living in Hope (Kathy Dickinson)
- The Outer Limits (Moira Sheehan)
- Full Circle (David Massey)
- The Acrobat in Black (Manda Scott)
- Faust (S.L.A.M.)
- Children of a Greater God (Julian Flood)
- A Business Proposal (Martyn Taylor)
- Inevitable Consequences (Moira Sheehan)
- Genuine Thargoid (Moira Sheehan)
- Ruined Blood (Jude Jones)
- Invisible Enemy (Kathy Braben)
- Lucifer Falling (Julian Flood)

Luther Burgsvik

Brad Chacos

Matthew A. Fossa

Mic Healey

Dave Jones

  • Five issue comic about Commander Jameson, available from the FrontierAstro site

Paolo Mariani

- A Necessary Measure
- Courier
- Unlikely Coincidences
- Public Relations
- Dissident
- Science
- Well Underway
- Death is Our Business
- Angel Watch

Ben Peake

Dalibor Perkovic

Kevin Prest

  • The Dave Harrison Adventures

Robin Sharrock

Dylan Smith

Jonathan Stott

  • The Kerensky Saga

Marko Susimetsä

Stories about Federal Military Intelligence agent Marcan Rayger, available at the author's website in MOBI and EPUB format

  • Hunting Troy - first Marcan Rayger story
  • Castor - second Marcan Rayger story
  • Inter-Mission - third Marcan Rayger story
  • Dioscuri - fourth Marcan Rayger story

Andrei Tanase

Stories about the Imperial Courier: