Life Support Systems

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Life Support systems comprise of the atmospheric processing systems, the waste management systems and the recycling plant. These systems are all tied together through a central core system containing a molecular resequencer that purifies and cleans the matter that is passed through it.

The atmospheric system is the most advanced part of the system, including complex monitoring and control routines that constantly sample the air quality. It immediately isolates foreign bodies, including viruses, bacteria and other non-standard particles, then filters them out to the resequencer.

Likewise, waste matter is passed to the resequencer and recycled through the system to wherever it is needed. It is this system that powers the food processors onboard the ship.

The life support system fitted to Cobras, and indeed most other ships, operates at a tenth of its maximum capacity. This allows for power outages and permits the addition of additional passenger berths without the need to upgrade the life support systems.


  • Escape Pod (optional standard equipment)
  • Ichihara S-Pulse: page with details of the manufacturers of the Scream Pulse unit for RemLock survival masks.


  • Breakable Life Support System by Spara (2012) - If your LSS gets broken in battle, you have about 15 minutes of time to reach anything dockable.
  • WEBS System download: The last line of defence when shields are down: airbags in the equipment bay. Gives an extra second to hit the escape pod. Looks surprisingly good in game. Wildeblood (2012)

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