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Laser Cannons are developed from mining lasers. Consume very much energy and cause extreme heat, but a single shot deliver similar damage than a series of beam lasers.

Very short ranged (5-10km) and has low fire rates (1-4 seconds/shot) so must aim carefully.

Fit into large ships only, over 130t like a Cobra Mark III. The largest cannon need a ship over 400t like an Anaconda.

Always check the distance of your target! Don't waste a shot when over the range of your cannon!

All cannons can break apart asteroids as Mining lasers.

Name Range Damage/s Damage
Energy Damage Rate Heat OverHeat
Tech Cost Color
Kruger CRM38 Mining Cannon 5 25 2.5 20 100 4 40 15 5 500 Light Blue
Ingram 3838C8 Dual Laser Cannon 5 50 2.5 20 100 2 40 15 6 1000 Light Red
Hassoni C38 Quad Laser Cannon 5 100 2.5 20 100 1 40 15 7 2000 Light Yellow
Lance & Ferman Military Cannon 10 50 3 40 200 4 66 18 9 8000 Light Magenta
LF38 Twin Military Laser Cannon 10 100 1.74 80 400 4 230 10 13 16000 White

Originally discussed in the New lasers topic.

Kruger CRM38 Mining Cannon

The cheapest laser cannon ever made. Ideal for mineral extraction with single shots from point-blank range (5km).

Ingram 3838C8 Dual Laser Cannon

Short range (5km) laser cannon both for mining and defence. Technically use two Mining Cannons in alternating mode to earn double firing rate.

Hassoni C38 Quad Laser Cannon

Four Mining Cannons in alternation mode result quadrupled firing rate (still two times slower than a Pulse Laser). The range is short (5km), need a lot of energy and the heat is going up fast but perform very well in dogfight.

Lance & Ferman Military Cannon

You can make your career as a fearsome bounty hunter with this weapon. Provide longer range (10km) and contain better coolers than a Quad Laser Cannon. Deliver more powerful punches, mine large asteroids with a single shot.

LF38 Twin Military Laser Cannon

The biggest laser cannon both in damage, range (10km) and power consumption, as predictable from two Military Cannons linked to fire together. Aim carefully and run away when a similar white beam incoming. Provide easy mining from large asteroids but overheats right from the first shot and need at least an Anaconda to hold it.


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